Monday, September 17, 2012

TLC Book Tours Presents: Lasso the Stars by L. L. Nielsen

Dina’s life is nearing its end. But for Dina, the end is really just the beginning. For months, she’s been fighting terminal cancer. She’s finally resigned herself to preparing for the final stages. Her last few weeks are going to be with her sisters, sharing the happy memories of a life well spent.
Men are the last thing on her mind. That is, until an afternoon walk along a dusty, country road brings her face to face with an angel. Only this angel is nothing like Dina ever pictured angels would be. ‘The man had an easy-going smile. A pair of aviator sunglasses rested on his nose. His dusty Levi’s covered long legs that ended in well-worn cowboy boots…He stepped down off the gate and held his hand out. ‘Gil.”
Preferring boots and spurs to harps and wings, Gil takes Dina horseback riding. She begins to feel new energy surge through her. And before she realizes it, Dina falls head over heels for Gil. Gil is falling for her too, but his secret identity may get in the way of his feelings.
Gil knows he can’t hide who he is for much longer. But how can he tell her? Are angels even allowed to fall in love with humans? When Gil leaves to find answers, Dina is devastated. She confides in her sisters, but they think her cancer meds made her dream up the whole relationship. Even though Dina knows the truth, she’s growing weaker every day, and the only one who can help her has disappeared.
Will tonight’s sky be the last one she looks upon? Or will Gil Lasso the Stars. for Dina?

About the Author I would love to present a bio that is exciting and different. I would enjoy telling you that I’m a classical pianist and when I’m caressing Chopin’s arpeggios my mind takes flight with marvelous plots. But I have no musical ability and I develop story lines when I walk the dog.
Perhaps I could say that I was born in extreme poverty in Shanghai and was rescued by a wandering nun who smuggled me into Russia in a basket. But the truth is I was born and raised in the Midwest and lived a fairly normal life, never dreaming of the part angels would play in it.
I always enjoyed a good story whether I was doing the telling or writing or listening. As a small child the highlight of my day was when my mother would read from a large notebook. Visions of fairies and pixies and flying elves would whirl around me as I listened with joy. Fish could dance the polka, kittens had tea parties, flowers would talk, and frogs could jump so high they’d wake up the stars for a bedtime story. I listened to my mother read until I outgrew sitting in her lap. Never did I realize that the stories were her own.
Many years flew by and after my mother’s death I had to close the old house. At the bottom of a drawer, tucked underneath the family Bible, I rediscovered that notebook of stories written in her own hand. I read them again and experienced the same joy in the wonder at her creations.
The moving company packed up the house and shipped the family belongings to California. But when I unpacked I found not all the items had made the trip. By accident the notebook and Bible had gone on to be auctioned. My consolation was that I had read my mother’s stories one last time and had, even as an adult, felt her love and creativity. She had given me, again, the gift of imagination and the encouragement to continue writing.
When I moved to California, I realized that although writing was my passion I had to have a real job. I chose a business career to support myself but continued to write articles for magazines and newspapers, as well as provide information for interior design magazines. After many years of working in the business community, I moved to an old gold mining town in the Sierra Foothills. It was there I rediscovered the pleasure of writing.
I am now developing my second novel with a youthful angel on her first official assignment, a challenging twist and a possible sequel, depending on how the angels choose to behave when they interact within the pages of the storyline. In any case, there are angels in my future . . . and in yours.

Link To Authors Site: Here

My Review:

Once you turn the first page of this book your hooked until the end. It deals with Dina who is in the her final days and dealing with her acceptance of her death.
What beautiful thoughts Ms Nielsen presents, and we travel along with Dina and her Angel Gil. She travels pain free on a wonderful adventure...doing what we would have loved to do in our final days. We even pack a bag full of wonderful memories, or in Dina's case a duffel bag!
Dina has been suffering for quite awhile and taken all kinds of chemo and treatments, but now the cancer has won. What a peaceful, and tearful, and happy reminiscent time. Having just lost a loved one, I found peace reading this. When my time comes, I would love to have the experiences Dina did. Was it a dream world, or was it perhaps real? Enjoy this vision of what may happen when time draws near.

I received this book through TLC Book Tours and was not required to give a positive review.


  1. I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for being on the tour!

  2. Hello Maureen,

    I'm glad that you found a feeling of peacefulness in the story.

    I had hoped each reader would decide if Dina's experiences were real or in her imagination. I've had comments going both ways but swaying toward it really happened!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my book and thanks for your comments.


    L. L. Nielsen


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