Tuesday, May 17, 2022

When We Let Go by Rochelle B. Weinstein


When Avery Beckett is proposed to by Jude Masters, a widowed father and the man she loves, it should be a time of great joy. Instead, Avery is on edge. She’s wary of the idea of family, doubtful of happy endings, and too afraid to take the leap. It’s the kind of fear that comes from having secrets.

Before Avery commits to a new life, she must reconcile with the one she left behind.

When Avery returns to her childhood farm in the North Carolina mountains, she’s surprised to be saddled with a companion: Jude’s teenage daughter, Elle, who’s grappling with the loss of her mother and the complicated emotions of first love. On a path of mending wounds and breaking down walls, Avery and Elle form an unexpected alliance. It’s giving them the courage to move forward. And for Avery, everything she needs to confront the past.

An emotional tale of mothers and daughters, loss and acceptance, When We Let Go is about the lessons that come from heartbreak and the healing it takes to embrace the joy of a second chance.


About The Author

Rochelle B. Weinstein is the USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of This Is Not How It Ends, Somebody’s Daughter, Where We Fall, The Mourning After, and What We Leave Behind. Rochelle spent her early years, always with a book in hand, raised by the likes of Sidney Sheldon and Judy Blume. A former entertainment industry executive, she splits her time between sunny South Florida and the mountains of North Carolina. When she’s not writing, Rochelle can be found mentoring at-risk young women through Women of Tomorrow, teaching workshops at Nova Southeastern University, hiking, reading, and finding the world’s best nachos. When We Let Go releases 5/17, and she is currently working on her sixth novel releasing Spring 2023. Please visit her at www.rochelleweinstein.com.


My Review

 The author has given a read that is full of love and loss, the hard part of moving on after devastation.
Be ready for this book to grab you, full of emotions, and the outcome is unknown until the end.
The young woman, Avery, has suffered the loss of her love and child, gone, and she blames herself. She also has become estranged from her sister, the woman who raised her beginning at age 8.
We are also given Luke, a man who has lost his wife and mother of his three children, two boys, and a young teenage daughter Elle.
After reacting badly when Jude proposes, Avery receives devastating news, and has to head home to NC, not realizing she has a stowaway!
This is a journey to healing and forgiveness. In the end it is forgiving yourself before you can move on.
I received this book through Net Galley and Lake Union Publishing, and was not required to give a positive review.

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