Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Her Amish Springtime Miracle (Hope's Haven #2) by Winnie Griggs


In this delightful and heartwarming novel, an orphaned baby brings together an unlikely couple who learn the true meaning of family.

When Hannah Eicher discovered sweet baby Grace in her barn last spring, the adorable infant seemed like the answer to her prayers. The young Amish baker has always wanted a
familye of her own and now that she’s fostered Grace for nearly a year, her adoption application is almost certain to be approved. But an unexpected visitor to Hope’s Haven could change everything…

Englischer paramedic Mike Colder is only returning to his childhood hometown to locate and adopt his late sister’s baby. But when the trail leads to Hannah and Grace, Mike’s determination falters. With Hannah, the simple life he left behind suddenly seems appealing. Despite their wildly different worlds, can Mike and Hannah give each other—and Grace—the greatest gift of all: a life together?
 About The Author 


Winnie Griggs grew up in south Louisiana in an undeveloped area her schoolmates considered the very back of beyond. With her two younger siblings and another family of three siblings for playmates, she spent many an hour exploring the overgrown land around her home, cutting jungle trails, building forts and frontier camps, and looking for pirate ships on the nearby bayou.

Once she 'grew up' she found other outlets for dealing with all those wonderful, adventurous, imaginary friends by filling notebooks with their stories. And somewhere along the way, those scribblings gave way to full length books.

Eventually she found her own Prince Charming, a rancher whose white steed takes the form of a tractor and whose kingdom is situated in a small rural community that she loves to call home, and together they've built their own storybook happily-ever-after. Their lives together expanded to include four now grown children who share Winnie's vivid imagination and her husband's steadier influences and are now out in the world pursuing their own adventures.

You can learn more about Winnie and her books, past and future, at www.winniegriggs.com


My Review


First, I loved this read, and, yes, I rather figured everything out early on, but, it really didn't matter! The author did a wonderful job of pulling me into this read, and quickly caring for these characters.

A hurting young woman, Hannah Eicher, her finance has left her, and the reason is she has been told she won't be able to have children, devastating! Then the unthinkable, a baby is left in this Amish families barn, prayers answered?

Enter Englisher, Mike Colder, he is looking for his sister's baby. Can it be the same baby?

I loved how this story wove together, such a caring group of people, there for one another! Warning, you will be craving some good food, someone is always cooking or baking!

Now I'll be on the lookout for the next book in this series!

I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Forever, and was not required to give a positive review.

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