Monday, June 10, 2013

My Very First Noah's Ark Playtime: Activity Book With Stickers by Lois Rock, Alex Ayliffe

An activity book with stickers to keep children entertained during vacations or rainy days
This fun activity book includes on-the-page puzzles, games, and stories—all based around the story of Noah. There is also a page of stickers for completing the activities. The cute and colorful illustrations jump off the page and keep children engaged with the activities. There's plenty for children to do, on their own or with an adult, and this handy book can be used during the holidays, on journeys, or just to fill the time on a rainy day.


 About The Author

Lois Rock is the Commissioning Editor for Lion Children’s Books, as well as a highly respected and trusted author in her own right, acclaimed in many different countries for her books of prayers, Bible stories, and non-fiction books about the Christian faith. Lois lives in Oxfordshire, is married and has 3 children, all of whom are now grown up. She enjoys cycling and walking and has helped to lead church children’s groups for many years, an experience that she draws on when writing books for children.

My Review:

A delightful, fun filled activity book. It is geared to young children, and my Kindergartener had a wonderful time with it. He even got his brother, who is 7, to come and play the game with him.
One of the activities is the story of Noah, the child gets to put stickers on the page, and then we identify or I should say try to, choose the Mommy's and Daddy's. Of course in some of them them, you cannot tell!
There is even a recipe to try...and then a ark to decorate with the sticker. So much more is included in this book. It is such a fun time, and as it says "a rainy day", but anytime would be great.

I received this book from Kregel, and was not required to give a positive review.

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