Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TLC Virtual Book Tours Presents: Five Days of Fear by David Kovach

During a family picnic, Jessica Britton’s well-ordered world is slammed against a brutal reality when her mom is kidnapped, her dad is shot, and authorities can find no clues to begin their investigation. Jessica’s own anxiety and fear for her mother’s life compels her to help FBI Agent Dan Hamilton look for motives and clues that would lead to rescuing her mom. By chance, clues begin to emerge, and the once floundering investigation speeds to a hectic race against time and criminal minds in a desperate attempt to save Jessica’s mom and the lives of many in San Francisco’s business district.

About The Author
David Kovach
Born and raised in California, Dave has a love for San Francisco—its blend of history, scenery, and, of course, its cuisine, make it special. After a stint in the Air Force, Dave received his education at Cal Poly, S.L.O. and UC Davis—where he met his wife, Karen. They have two children, Scott and Jen, now grown. Dave and Karen currently live in Iowa.

Dave loves landscaping and Karen loves gardening. They also love traveling. Areas that they have visited and love are New York City, Italy, and France. The scenery is great in all locations, but it is the cuisine that is of special interest to Dave. Have you detected a recurring theme?

Upcoming novels will include other genres, but for Dave's fourth book, he plans to have a sequel to Five Days of Fear.

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My Review:

I could just picture this family on their outing. Grandpa playing baseball with his Grandson, Grandma coloring with her Granddaughter. Then their world collapses in seconds.
You wanted to be a member of this loving family. First they see Grandma being pulled into a van, and when Grandpa is running to help her...he is shot. What do you do? Grandpa is taken to surgery, and the FBI is called to help. Grandma Angie is in trouble...she has heard something she shouldn't have, and these guys will stop at nothing to make sure she doesn't tell anyone. Angie is one smart cookie! She leave little notes with one of the crayons she had in her hand when she was taken.
We meet a great FBI team headed by Dan Hamilton. Soon there is more than a mystery on hand, when sparks begin to fly between Dan and Angie's daughter Jessica.
Be ready for some great adventure....trying to stop terrorist acts, and finding Angie in time. Also will the family be able to live without their Grandpa. Will this family ever be the same?
Don't miss this exciting read, and although the chapters are long, the story is excellent!

I received this book through TLC Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.

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  1. I'm so glad you loved it! Thanks for being on the tour!


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