Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey by Serena Burdick


England, 1898. When Evelyn first married the famous novelist William Aubrey, she was dazzled by his brilliance. But their newlywed bliss is brief when William is gripped by writer’s block, and he becomes jealous of Evelyn’s writing talent. When he commits the ultimate betrayal—stealing a draft of her novel and passing it off as his own—Evelyn decides to write her way out of their unhappy marriage.

California, 2006. Abigail always wondered about her father, his identity forever lost when her mother unexpectedly died. Or so Abigail thought, until she stumbled upon his photo and a message that her great-great-grandmother was the author Evelyn Aubrey, leading Abigail on a journey to England in search for answers. There, she learns of Evelyn’s shocking disappearance and how London society believed she was murdered. But from what she uncovers about Evelyn, Abigail believes her brilliant great-great-grandmother had another plot up her sleeve.

Rich in atmosphere and emotion, 
The Stolen Book of Evelyn Aubrey tells the story of literary secrets, a family curse and the lengths women will go to take charge of their future.   



About The Author

 SERENA BURDICK is the Toronto Star, Publishers' Weekly and international bestselling author of THE GIRLS WITH NO NAMES. She is the author of the forthcoming novel FIND ME IN HAVANA (January 2021) and the 2017 International Book Award Winner for Historical Fiction for her novel GIRL IN THE AFTERNOON. She studied creative writing at Sarah Lawrence, holds a Bachelors of Arts from Brooklyn College in English literature and an Associates of Arts from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in theater. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two sons.


My Review


A time split read starting with Evelyn marring William, a life of happiness, well not quite. Then we meet Abby her Great Granddaughter, and her journey to find family!
We travel from California to England with Abby, but also we journey the life of Evelyn, and just when you think there are answers, well, no! Keep page turning and looking for answers and what happened to Evelyn and to the rest of the Aubrey family!
Are there answers, yes, but don't take the first one! There are surprises, and new members of the family, well, new to Abby, and then the family curse!
This did become a page turner for me, I wanted the real answers! There are so many twists and turns here!
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Harlequin, and was not required to give a positive review.

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