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Celebrate Lit Presents: The Last Disciple: Crisis in Jerusalem by Kurt Brouwer


About the Book

Book: The Last Disciple: Crisis in Jerusalem  

Author: Kurt Brouwer

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Release date: November 18, 2022

He was the Beloved Disciple…

…and he would be the last.

The mantle to tell the whole story has fallen on him.

From the cross, Jesus entrusted John, the youngest disciple, with the welfare of Mary, Jesus’s mother. Over thirty years later, as Jerusalem becomes a cauldron of explosive tempers, he receives a calling he doesn’t want.

Will he listen and follow?

And if he does, will it be too late?

In 62 AD, the Jewish high priest executes James, the brother of

Jesus, triggering a bitter fight for power in Jerusalem that shatters the

quiet life of John. The Jewish people he loves are making dangerous choices that will change the land of Israel forever.

Should he stay in Jerusalem and help hold off the Roman onslaught? Or is it time to reach out to those beyond Israel’s borders?

If he chooses to leave, what will be his message to these foreign believers? What new words of comfort could he possibly share?

Set against a backdrop of actual events, The Last Disciple: Crisis in Jerusalem is the first novel in a new series based on the Bible and Christian history.

Follow along while John faces multiple crises and comes to understand what it is to stand alone and lean on only the Lord.

Your heart will embrace The Last Disciple: Crisis in Jerusalem because John’s story is the story of our hope and promise.



The Last Disciple Excerpt 6

John, Bartholomew, and the two young men ran across the Court of the Gentiles toward where they saw a file of armed Temple guards. The guards looked ready for trouble, wearing chainmail over white tunics and smooth, cylindrical bronze helmets. In their right hands, they carried long wooden spears with dangerous-looking metal points. In their left hands, they held round, metal-rimmed shields. Their ankle-length linen tunics had mud and even blood spatter visible near the bottoms.

Then the guard detail spread out, facing the courtyard as several richly dressed Sadducees passed behind them and into the inner courts. But John and his group ran the other way, down the interior staircase and out through the Shushan Gate. As they ran, the younger men outpaced John and Bartholomew as well as the small crowd now following them. Coming to the bottom of the steps, they reached a paved area outside the gate. Then they saw him.

The group stopped as one and stared at the broken body; a man, lying in a posture no living person could adopt. This was James the brother of Jesus, his face and head bruised and bloody.



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Kurt is a Christian writer, living in Hawaii. A few years ago he did a study at his church on the Apostle John. That little project got him hooked on the man who started out life as a fisherman and then became a disciple of Christ. 

The more he learned, the more he wanted to know. What did John do after the Crucifixion? Why did he wait so long to write the Gospel of John? Where did he live for the last 60 years of his life? This historical novel came out of the research he did to answer those questions.

He started a blog ( a few years ago. On it he has written over 100 blog posts and a few Christian booklets. 

Now he’s working on Book Two in this series. The Last Disciple: Escape to Antioch takes up where Book One ends. The Last Disciple is a Christian historical novel that introduces you to John, the last disciple of Christ.

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