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Write Now Litterary Presents: Hearts Set Free by Jess Lederman


Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and giveaway for Hearts Set Free by Jess Lederman. The book tour will run January 18-29, 2021.


Book Title: Hearts Set Free

Genre: Literary Fiction/ Historical/Christian


ISBN-10 : 1098511093

ISBN-13 : 978-1098511098

A graduate with a degree in music from Columbia University, Jess Lederman is an author of Christian-themed fiction who lives with his wife and two young sons in the Pacific Northwest.

He is currently at work on a novel that begins in the last days of the Wild West and ends in Las Vegas in 1955. When Jess is not writing or chasing his young sons around, he can usually be found at the piano playing Chopin nocturnes for his wife, Ling.

Seven Lives Inexorably Intertwined. Over Eighty-Six Years. That Will Bring a Revelation Beyond What Any of Them Could Imagine.


The Alaska Territory, 1925. When Yura Noongwook’s husband abandons her and her thirteen-year-old son, she vows to win him back and destroy the woman who stole his heart. They embark on an epic cross-country quest that leads them to the Nevada desert, where they meet a man who has turned into the last thing anyone expected him to become …


David Gold. Reno, 1930. A Bible-school dropout known as the Pummelin’ Preacher. His boxing career is fading, just like his faith. But then a former call girl shows up, tells him about the rag-tag congregation she’s part of; how their pastor was murdered. And that the Spirit is moving and David’s destiny is to lead their tiny flock.


Las Vegas, 2011. Cable TV star Tim Faber is an atheist bent on proving God is only alive in people’s imaginations. But Joan Reed, his producer, is trying to recapture the faith of her youth. And both of them are driven to unravel a mystery surrounding the Big Bang theory, never dreaming the answer will forever change their lives.


To do that, they have to meet with the now 99-year-old Luke Noongwook and David Gold’s grandson, Daniel.


The veil is being pulled back, but none of them are prepared for what they’ll find on the other 


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Chapter One

Luke and Yura: The Alaska Territory, 1925


My father deserted my mother and me when I was thirteen years

old. He had become famous that winter on the Great Race of Mercy, one

of the Athabascan mushers who brought diphtheria serum to Nome

and saved ten thousand lives. He’d done the impossible, a blind run in

the howling darkness, crossing the open ice of the Norton Sound, the

temperature falling to sixty below, the sun a distant dream. He was our

hero, our North Star.


And then he was gone.


He left us, of course, for a woman. A blizzard had hit him at

Unalakleet, a storm so powerful that it travelled four thousand miles,

till at last it reached New York and froze the Hudson River. The woman

lived in just that far-away land, on the wild island of Manhattan, and

her name was Kathleen Byrne. The Hearst papers had been giving the

Great Race front-page headlines; Kathleen was a reporter, lean and

hungry, she’d go to the ends of the earth for a good story, and one day

she got her chance.


No one in my hometown of Nenana had seen anything like her,

a slender redhead with emerald eyes, smoking Lucky Strikes and

exhaling expertly through her nostrils, this coolly confident young

woman with fiery hair.


She wanted details that would bring the story to life, so Father

brought her to our home to show off his sled dogs. At least, the ones

who’d survived, for three he had raised since they were pups had died

on the trail. Somewhere in the madness of that journey he’d forgotten

to cover their groins with rabbit skins, and they’d perished of frostbite

in the unfathomable cold.


I gaped at her stupidly.


“Excuse my son,” said my mother. “He has no manners.”

My Review 

This read was a bit hard for me to get into, but soon the realization hit, and yes, this is mankind! Fallen mankind, and we are along to see it first hand in these lives. We journey from past to present and meet some famous people along the way.
We see forgiveness, love, hate, and those that want to prove that God doesn’t exist. God is not a building as we soon see, it is his people and his believers.
A boy from Alaska that is searching for his Dad, add in a washed up boxer, traveling to War in Europe. Yes, there is a lot going on, and when I wanted to continue on with the story, we switch to another story lone.
I did love the use of scriptures, but some of the swearing, which I understand is what goes on, I just try to avoid it. My favorite character was Luke, and I enjoyed the historical aspects, like the building of the Hoover Dam.
This is a story of how good our God is and how we all need Forgiveness.
You do need to know that this is not a light fluffy read, but stick with it, you won’t be disappointed!
I received this book through Write Not Literary Virtual Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.

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