Friday, November 20, 2020

Jordan Valley Miss by Susan Spess


Sometimes it takes the loss of everything to gain the joys God has in store.

When Pastor Eli's wife and brother ran away together, he was the one who lost—his family, his church, and his faith. All he has left are his four-year-old daughter and a little church in the world's smallest town. But he still has his speaking talent, and with it, he's sure he can build up their numbers so he can catch the attention of another mega-church. He needs to be back in the big time, where he belongs.

Glory Matthews voted against hiring the new minister. He's single and handsome and more charismatic than any man has a right to be. He'll draw every man-hunting woman around. And because he's used to the big time, he won't stay long . But when Eli is with his daughter, he's down-to-earth, loving and everything she could want, and Glory's heart melts like a forgotten candle burning in the night.

If it's one thing Eli Daniels doesn't need, it's Glory Matthews. She's head-strong, pretty, faithful and doesn't seem to be fazed by his "celebrity." But Glory is also everything he could ever want, and somehow this Jordan Valley miss, just might help him find his faith and mend his heart.



About The Author


My name is Susan Spess.

Not Spees. Spess.  (Rhymes with mess, less and confess.) 

To be perfectly honest, my name is Susan Spess Shay. I’m number one out of six kids. I have three sons, three grandsons and a pair of twin granddaughters. I had a perfectly wonderful husband I loved the stuffin’ out of. We were married a whole lot of years before he passed.  

My guy.

I have four sisters and a brother. They’re a pretty cool pack of people to know! Every one has a great sense of humor that keeps me grinning most of the time. 

The Spess Sibs!
Dad and his kiddos. Dad’s the one wearing pink.

I live in the small town world where I grew up and am part of the church where I first accepted Jesus as my Savior. 

My Review

Assumptions, yes this story is full of them, and we are all guilty of them.
A young charismatic preacher, who was fired from his last pastorate at a mega Texas church, is now healing pastoring a small town, and for him it is very small church.
We meet his young daughter Brandi who has not spoken since she was in the car that killed her mother and uncle.
Enter a sweet young woman, Glory, and her love to help children, even if she did not approve of the young pastor. With this information can there be a spark here, you need to read this one all the way through.
A sweet Christian read, and the page flew for me!
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Pelican Book Group, and was not required to give a positive review.


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