Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Write Now Literary Book Tours Presents: Through Healed Lenses by Adrienne Quinn

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour for Through Healed Lenses by Adrienne’Quinn. The book tour will run August 24-Sept 4, 2020.
Genre: Non-Fiction    

ISBN-13: 979-8648414099
                                                                                          Meet Adrienne

Adrienne Kelly, pen name, Adrienne'Quinn, is a practicing Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in Atlanta, GA. Adrienne's childhood included being raised by a single mother and growing up in a small town with a large, close-knit maternal family who heavily influences her upbringing and writings. She is a mom two a boy, Joziah and girl, Azariah. She is the CEO and founder of Gifting Love LLC, an organization that focuses on holistic mentoring through the use of spiritual and emotional education, as well as therapy services for adolescent girls. Adrienne started her therapy journey years ago and has become an avid supporter of counseling services.

                                                                                    About The Book

How often do you find yourself wondering why the same outcomes in relationships, be it familiar or personal, continue to happen to you? When is the last time you caught yourself feeling as if there was something missing? Or something more to life than your current predicaments? When was the last time you had a negative thought about yourself, that you could not comfortably say aloud because society would judge it by their skewed standards? Or how about a time when you felt defeated but had to keep moving forward for the sake of image or responsibility? In Adrienne ‘Quinn’s new book, every page answers, provides depth, and context to the above questions.

Life is a slideshow full of relationships. The journey we experience with our parent, children, brother, sister, friend, teachers, strangers, significant other, and spouse are all relationships in which we learn to exist and navigate life. The people gifted to us by blood were, in some realm, ordained by God to guide and influence our life experiences. These life experiences do not always present as the most favorable or positive; however, they are a part of our story.

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Tour organized by Write Now Literary

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