Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Sanctuary by Merry K. Stahel

Dea Lacey is on the run. Scared and alone, she has to protect her endangered nephew. If she can find Garrett's father, perhaps he'll keep the boy safe and learn to love the child she'd trade her life to keep.

Jesse McTavish has lost his family. Abandoning his faith, the seeds of destruction are sown. As he struggles with grief, the last thing he needs is a woman showing up with a child who's the mirror image of his dead son. But he can neither ignore nor reject the woman and child who threaten to break through the protective shield he's built around his heart.

Through the ensuing storm of pain and loss, Christmas teaches Dea and Jesse about faith and forgiveness.

Sanctuary may be what we ask for, but God gives us so much more.


About The Author

Merry Stahel lives in the Midwest with her husband and one dog. The cats have moved out, but come home periodically to visit. She has two globe-trotting children, and like the cats, they come home to visit periodically. She enjoys traveling, camping, archaeology, quilting, reading, and writing.  

My Review

I enjoyed this sweet Christmas read, really bring the true meaning of Christmas home, and showing us the way.
What starts out as a young mother and son trying to build a new life at a house, attached to a church, her aunt left her, keeps adding people and building a family.
There are hints of greed and child abuse, but by others, and this mother will do all to protect her son, but we soon find out that there is a lot more to this story, and it soon becomes a page turner! When evil returns we are almost shattered, but pray that good will prevail, and that the bad ones will soon be out of the picture.
Sanctuary takes on a great meaning in this read!

I received this book through the Publisher Penguin, and was not required to give a positive review.

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