Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Child of Mine by David Lewis, Beverly Lewis

Bestselling Author Duo Delivers Heart-Stirring Drama
Jack Livingston has been raising his nine-year-old adopted niece, Natalie, since the accident that took her parents' lives. While he travels for work, Natalie is lovingly cared for by Laura, an Amish nanny who loves her as her own.
Kelly Maines is nearing the end of her rope. Her baby was kidnapped, the apparent victim of a black market adoption ring, and for eight years, Kelly has tirelessly pursued every lead to its bitter end. Now, there's one last lead from a private investigator: Just a few miles away lives a girl who matches the profile. Could this, at long last, be her beloved child?
Desperately, Kelly initiates a "chance" meeting with Jack Livingston. It goes really well. So well, in fact, that Jack asks her out. One date leads to another, and before she can come clean with her original motives, Kelly realizes Jack is falling for her--and she for him.
Now how can she tell Jack why she's really here? And having gotten to know Natalie, what if she isn't her long-lost daughter, after all? This was all supposed to be so simple.
But nothing in Natalie's world is simple.

About The Authors:

David Lewis

David Lewis

David Lewis is the bestselling author of Coming Home, his first solo novel, as well as a keyboard artist and pilot. He is the first editor for his wife, Beverly Lewis, as well as research partner and manager. David was born in Minnesota, grew up in the Midwest, and met Beverly in Colorado, where they currently make their home.
Beverly Lewis 

Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, is the New York Times bestselling author of more than ninety books. Her stories have been published in eleven languages worldwide. A keen interest in her mother's Plain heritage has inspired Beverly to write many Amish-related novels, beginning with The Shunning, which has sold more than one million copies and was recently made into an Original Hallmark Channel movie. In 2007 The Brethren was honored with a Christy Award. She has been interviewed by both national and international media, including Time magazine, the Associated Press, and the BBC. Beverly lives with her husband, David, in Colorado.

Visit her website at for more information.


My Review:

Child of Mine brings to light every Mother’s nightmare, with kidnapping of her infant. When we learn the facts of what happed to this baby, my maternal instincts went wild, how could anyone do this, much less the person who did do it?
How does a mother ever give up looking, through eight and then nine years of anguish? Her hopes are dashed numerous times, and she has a way of sneaking DNA for an unsuspecting child, but her efforts have not been blessed and her life is in tatters. Kelly is a woman of faith, and God has not blessed her efforts, especially with her using deceit.
On one of her searching trips she meets a girl she is positive is her missing daughter, now what should she do to be sure? Use her deceit and get a DNA sample again? She then proceeds to weave a tangled web, and after a while how do you tell the truth? Will she find her Emily, or is she lost forever?
It was so hard to put this book down for any reason, I wanted to get to the end and find the answers, and there are some very big surprises in store. Most I never saw coming, and there are a lot of answered questions, maybe not how you want them, but the way that life is.
Keep the tissues handy, and try to keep your emotions in control, but don’t miss this great read. One of the best I’ve read all year, it will stay with you, and hit you right where it hurts, in your heart.

I received this book through Bethany House Publishers, and was not required to give a positive review.

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