Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Song of Sadie Sparrow by Kitty Foth-Regner

For many, a nursing home is the despised last stop before heading out into the Great Beyond. Not so for the heroines of The Song of Sadie Sparrow—three very different women whose lives intersect in a warm and endlessly engaging facility called The Hickories.

Sadie Sparrow, Meg Vogel and Elise Chapelle represent different generations. They have experienced different sorrows and entertain different hopes. They even adhere to different worldviews, from devoutly Christian to unapologetically atheist. Yet over the course of a single year, they forge unlikely bonds that impact each other’s lives in the here and now—and perhaps for all eternity.

A beautifully written story of friendship set against the backdrop of life’s twilight years, The Song of Sadie Sparrow explores contrasting views of purpose and pardon, life and afterlife—and faith’s role in shaping those views, now and forevermore.


About The Author

Kitty Foth-Regner was a freelance copywriter with big-name clients, an enviable portfolio, an unusual knack for translating complex technical topics into simple terms, and a business built entirely on referrals; she didn't need to sell her services. A summa cum laude journalism graduate, she had talent, brains, lots of friends, a great boyfriend, a cool house west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, all the pets she could handle, and a really good cleaning woman. She had just one published novel - a medical thriller she conceived while interviewing a researcher at George Washington University for a Philadelphia developer of monoclonal antibodies - but plenty of other ideas in the hopper, just waiting for her undivided attention. She was, in short, a feminist in full and happy control of her life. And then her beloved mother developed a fatal illness, reducing all those achievements to dust and sending her off on a frantic quest to see if her mother's Christian faith might by any chance be true.


 My Review

Once I began this book, I was quickly turning pages and enjoying, and found myself rooting for these people, whom most of their family seems to have abandoned.
This book takes place, mostly, in a beautiful nursing home, now I don’t find them to be beautiful, seems that weekly I hear something bad happening at them, but this one seems to be an exception. I wanted to walk in the beautiful gardens, and eat what sounds like gourmet dining.
What I found the most compelling was the faith of many of these folks, and then how they are reinforced by the majority of the people that were surrounding them, and the warfare of trying to save others.
This is one sweet read, and along with life’s challenges, there are some chuckles, and the forming of some wonderful friendships, and yes love.
The author made this story so real to me, and when you read how she has spent her life, she really knows what she is telling us, and it is so well done.


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