Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Christmas Secret: Will an 1880 Christmas Eve Wedding Be Cancelled by Revelations in an Old Diary? by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter delivers a poignant historical story of a couple on the threshold of marriage who are suddenly pulled apart. Elizabeth Canning discovers an awful secret in her deceased mother’s diary. Believing her chances for a happy marriage are spoiled, she leaves her fiancĂ© a letter and flees town. Anticipating a Christmas Eve wedding with Elizabeth, David Stinner is confused by her letter and desperate to find her. Can David root out the truth about the past and bring back his bride? Or is the truth destined to bring an ultimate end to their romance?

About The Author

A nationally recognized authority on the Amish community, Wanda E. Brunstetter has sold more than seven million copies of her fiction and nonfiction books. Wanda enjoys an uncommon kinship with the Amish and continues to visit their communities throughout the country. Her books have won numerous awards and topped several bestselling charts.

My Review

This story revolves around a soon to be Christmas wedding of Elizabeth Canning to David Steiner, and is a very quick read. The story is set in the 1880, and to make the wedding special, Elizabeth wants to be wed in her Grandparents cabin, the home her mother and father also used when they were married. While cleaning she discovers her mother’s sister’s diary, and while reading it, her life is changed forever.
While the story held my attention, I felt like I was reading something I had read before. It was predictable and I felt I knew the ending almost from the beginning.
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Barbour, and was not required to give a positive review. 

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