Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poetry and Peonies by Deborah Carney

Poetry and PeoniesPoetry and Peonies by Deborah Carney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is mainly a picture book, with small poetry captions underneath some of the photos. Even our four year old loved looking at these gorgeous photos.
The Forward of this book tells about the three hundred tree peonies that were sent from the Japanese town of Yatsuka-Cho in Shimane Prefecture to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden “to bring peace of mind to people in the United States” after the events of September 11, 2001.
The book is not very long, but be prepared for unlimited beauty, they will fill you with awe! With a picture of a beautiful reddish and white peony there is this quote at the bottom that says it all, The kiss of the sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth, One is nearer God's heart in a garden. Than anywhere else on earth. ~ Dorothy Frances Gurney, "Garden Thoughts"
This is a book that will make you feel good, and a cheer up book to give to friends.

I received this book from the Author Deborah Chaney and was not required to give a positive review.

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Deborah Carney

A freelance photographer for over 30 years, covering events, weddings and cat shows, in addition to macro and general photography. Her cat photographs were published by T.H.F. publications in two of their cat breed books, one about American Shorthairs and the other featuring the Sacred Cat of Burma.

Deborah Carney has been involved in online marketing since 1997, with a variety of web projects. Currently an award winning affiliate program manager, internet consultant, blogger and podcaster. Carney started the popular ABCs series of podcasts to teach people how to make money online. The series includes Affiliate ABCs, Blogging ABCs, Merchant ABCs and Podcasting ABCs with more coming. Carney has also spoken at several affiliate industry events and has a long history of public speaking and writing on disability rights and issues relating to children with disabilities.

Currently Deborah is transcribing the many informative podcasts she has produced with industry experts and will be compiling those into eBooks to give people interested in internet marketing good, real, actionable information on the industry, as opposed to the scammers that sell Make Money Online books that have mostly fluff for content.

Additionally, as a prolific photographer with an eye for details, she will be publishing a number of books that are photo based with information about the photographs in them. The ability for these photos to now be able to be enjoyed in color on Kindle apps and the Kindle Fire has inspired her to create a multitude of books on a large variety of subjects.

Deborah's son Daniel was a prolific writer and passed away at the age of 21, Deborah is in the process of releasing his writing first as eBooks, then in print. The first is a book of essays, next will be a novel, followed by novels from his screenplays that he wrote. He was a student at the prestigious NYU Film Writing program and several of his plays and film scripts won awards.

I hope you will join us on our adventure through self publishing.

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