Tuesday, April 16, 2019

When I Was Yours (The War Nurses #3) by Lizzie Page

We stand in the back of the hall as the children troop in. Big ones, little ones. Straggly hair, cropped hair, curls… the adults surge forward to choose and soon there is just one child left, a little girl sitting on the floor. She is thin as a string bean and her sleeve is ragged and damp – like she’s been chewing it.

1939. War has broken out – hundreds of children are evacuated to the countryside to keep them safe from the bombs raining down on the cities. Wrenched from her family in the East End and sent more than a hundred miles away, seven-year-old Pearl Posner must adapt to a new life away from everything familiar.

Vivienne didn’t ask for an evacuee child. In fact, she’s not sure her heart can take it. So many years, so many disappointments… Vivi’s ability to feel love left her the day she learned the truth about her husband Edmund, and when she made the worst decision of her life and left her cherished sister to her fate. But like it or not, Pearl is here to stay, and what with the rumours about what’s happening to children in mainland Europe, it might be the last safe place for her.

As Pearl and Vivi learn how to live together, they discover that they have a connection that runs more deeply than they could ever have guessed – from before Pearl was born, and deep into Vivienne’s past. And will it be Pearl – the little girl who says so little and sees so much – who forces Vivi to finally confront what happened in her marriage… and to the long-lost sister she loved so dearly and let fall so far, just when she needed Vivi most?


About The Author

When I was yours' is my third novel - and I can't wait to hear what you think. It's a dual timeline story and, I hope, an epic love story! The main character, Vivienne, takes in an evacuee during the Second World War, and reflects on her time during the First World War. The story was inspired by several real-life characters including the fascinating American songwriter, Lena Guilbert Ford and the fabulous war-artist, Olive Mudie-Cooke. And also my Dad, who was evacuated from the East End of London to Leicester for most of the war. :)

'Daughters of War' was my second book - but please don't be put off, it is a standalone book (although some old friends may well pop up here!) The story was inspired by the American writer, poet, political 'influencer', Mary Borden. It fictionalizes her time working in a hospital in the Somme and being apart from her children. If I had to sum it up in five words, I would say it's about the search for belonging.

'The War Nurses' was the first in this trilogy - the novel was inspired by two incredible women, Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm who served on the Western Front during World War One.
There is romance, there is love, but mostly this is a story about a fierce friendship and how differently we respond to major events beyond our control.

I hope these novels help shine a light on the achievements, love and relationships of twentieth-century women, and that you find all the books both entertaining and moving.

My Review

A book that lets you walk in the shoes of those who lived and fought in WWI and WWII, and we are in England with bombs being dropped.
The name of the book made me think of a previous read, and yes, children are involved, but they a very different story. While I did know about children from London going to the country during the blitz, we see where some of these youngsters go, and try to see what their lives were like.
Surprises here, but when some facts are released you want to cringe, so selfish, and so much pain.
I felt myself quickly involved in Vivienne’s life, and wanted to continue when the book ended, but we are left with a good idea of what is about to happen.

I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Bookoutour, and was not required to give a positive review. 

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