Monday, May 16, 2016

I Draw on Cats by A.R. Coffelt

Since the dawn of time, humans have looked into the enigmatic faces of cats and wondered who are you? In this collection of connect-the-dots adventures, expert illustrator and cat motive decoder A. R. Coffelt takes us into the secret worlds of our feline friends— complete the puzzles and solve the mystery of what each adorable cat is really up to!


About The Author

Okay, Amanda Cofflet doesn’t literally draw on cats — she draws on photos of cats. Namely photos of her cat, Bob.

Amanda and Bob’s friendship began when the cat followed her home on a freezing cold night, giving credence to the myth that cats choose their families. Bob walked out of the cold and into Amanda’s heart. Amanda’s family took Bob to the vet, who guessed that the cat is about three or four years old, but that doesn’t stop him from pouncing like a kitten. And, bonus! Bob has learned to sit on command (or at least has Amanda fooled into believing he’s learned how to sit on command).
Amanda loves how handsome and sweet Bob is, but she’s also admittedly a little quirky. And I’m glad for it! One day she saw Bob lounging contentedly, so she drew on a photo of him as if he were on the beach. She uses Sketchbook Mobile to create her works of art, sometimes using her finger and sometimes using a stylus.

My Review

An adorable fun activity book for cat lovers, and my boys claimed it as soon as it arrived. It is so great that the pages are perforated, so both could use the book at the same time.

The boys were excited to do each of the pictures, and wondered what their cat was going to be, and they stated that our cat should become whatever the picture was of. There is a wide assortment of cats, holiday cats, bride cats, top hat cats, even a unicorn cat.

A fun activity book for the young or old, especially if you love cats like our family does.

I received this book through Blogging For Books, and was not required to give a positive review.

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