Monday, May 2, 2016

Freddy the Frogcaster and the Terrible Tornado by Janice Dean

Get ready for a whirlwind of adventure with Freddy the Frogcaster when a famous storm chaser visits Lilypad!

In her fourth book, well-known meteorologist Janice Dean tackles some scary weather. Freddy the Frogcaster is faced with one of the most ferocious and devastating kinds of weather: the tornado.

Young readers will learn all about how big storms occur and produce some of nature's most destructive weather. Chock-full of storm science lessons in the back, children and adults alike will learn valuable life-saving information.

As Freddy reminds us, please be prepared and know what to do and where to go when the next bad storm comes your way!


About The Author

Known as “Janice Dean the Weather Machine,” Janice Dean has been predicting the weather on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network since 2004. She is a trained meteorologist and she loves to share her scientific knowledge, and the inspiration that led to her passion for weather, with kids and adults alike. Before Fox, she had a long career working at various radio and TV stations as a DJ, anchor, and host.



My Review

Once again we are back in Lily Pad with Freddy the Frogcaster, and this time dangerous weather in the form of strong storms and a possible tornado are headed towards them and their fellow frogs.
This story really hit home when our family was faced with a funnel cloud last year, when Daddy looked out and saw a twister, we were herded to the cellar and our eight year old is still frightened. Lucky for us it didn’t funnel down on us, but hit a deserted area near us, now we live in Upstate NY and tornados rarely hit our area. That being said I lived 2 hours east of here as a child and one went through out back yard.
What delightful book this is, and we are reunited with dear frog friends, and our local radio station Frog News Network! Freddy is about to take a more active role in this book, and when Tad Polar invites Freddy to ride in his armored vehicle, storm truck, his parents reluctantly give permission.
We follow Teddy and Tad as the skies darken, and pretty soon Tad shouts “Holy croaks, folks, that’s a tornado!” This book brings weather alive and our friends are right in the middle of it.
The back of the book is full of interesting facts and weather tidbits. There is even an EF scale, and what you should do during a warning. I asked if they had preparedness at school, and they said “no”, I hope to bring this to the schools attention!
A book every parent should have and share with their youngsters, making weather fun and interesting.
I received this book from the Publisher Regnery Kids, and was not required to give a positive review.

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