Monday, March 14, 2016

The Jazz Files by Fiona Veitch Smith

Introducing Poppy Denby, a young journalist in London during the Roaring Twenties, investigating crime in the highest social circles!

In 1920, twenty-two year old Poppy Denby moves from Northumberland to live with her paraplegic aunt in London. Aunt Dot, a suffragette who was injured in battles with the police in 1910, is a feisty and well-connected lady.

Poppy has always dreamed of being a journalist, and quickly lands a position as an editorial assistant at the Daily Globe. Then one of the paper's writers, Bert Isaacs, dies suddenly--and messily. Poppy and her attractive co-worker, photographer Daniel Rokeby begin to wonder if it wasn't a natural death, but murder.

After she writes a sensational exposé, The Globe's editor invites her to dig deeper. Poppy starts sifting through the dead man's files and unearths a major mystery which takes her to France--and into deadly danger.


About The Author

Formerly a journalist, Fiona Veitch Smith is a writer of books, theatre plays and screenplays.
Her children’s picturebooks, the Young David series, are now published by SPCK Publishing. Her adult mystery series set in the 1920s, Poppy Denby Investigates, is published by Lion Fiction. The first book in the series, The Jazz Files, is available from September 2015.
She is a member of the British Society of Authors and the Association of Christian Writers. Fiona is also the editor of the popular writing advice website The Crafty Writer and her courses attract students from around the world.
She lives with her husband, daughter and two dogs in Newcastle upon Tyne where she lectures in media and scriptwriting at the local universities. 

My Review

This book brings us to a time just after the first World War, and people, or rather woman fighting for some rights, and the men who a really oppose and want women put in there place, at any cost. The main character is Poppy Denby, who has come to stay with her Aunt Dot in London, having led a sheltered life up to now as the daughter of a Methodist minister, what a new life she is about to have.
We follow Poppy, and it seems like there is never a dull moment from the time she arrives until the end of the book. We think we know most of the answers, but in reality we do not. We find that there is a lot of evil out there, and Aunt Dot is in a wheelchair because of it. Another friend was murdered, and when an employee of the Globe, where Poppy has just secured her first job, falls to his death, because of her connections through Aunt Dot she is give a special assignment.
We get to travel to Paris, and danger follows Poppy, but she does secure more facts, but really wants answers, and to find a way to get Aunt Dot’s friend Elizabeth out of the insane asylum where her dear father has committed her because of her views.
With this read we get it all, we tour London, we revisit history, and we travel with a fast pace mystery. We even get to lay in a window washers wagon, along with trains and ships, and a shadow seems to follow, be careful, you never know when you heart will move into your throat. Enjoy!

I received this book through Kregel Publishing Blogger Program, and was not required to give a positive review. 

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