Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oh Ship!: Tales of a Cruising Chick and Other Travel Adventures by Lori A Moore

Ship happens. Cruises can be quite the adventure within an adventure if you keep your eyes open and watch the little dramas that are going on among the several thousand passengers and crew members aboard the ship. Reading author Lori A. Moore’s true tales of things that happen on the high seas will have you saying, “Oh Ship!” From stories of passengers pepper-spraying other passengers to grown men fighting over glass figurines of penguins, you’ll laugh until your ribs hurt.

About The Author

Lori A. Moore
Lori A. Moore is an award-winning author and professor who doesn’t take herself too seriously and believes her greatest gift to be silliness. A public speaker and consultant, Lori has four graduate degrees in business. Lori, her husband, and their four-legged child live in Louisville, KY. An avid traveler, she has explored much of the globe, finding and bringing silliness to all places.
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My Review

Be ready for quite a few chuckles, and some serious information that is provided, like about the morgue on ship. Guess I never thought about there being one, but guess they could be necessary, you sure wouldn’t want a body in with the food!
If a book can make you want to take a cruise, this one sure can, the author has sure been on a lot of them. I never knew about decorating your door, and although I’ve only been on two and it has been a few years.
She gives some really valuable hints at the end on each chapter, things you don’t think of and can be very beneficial to heed.
This book is only 134 pages long, but filled with experiences that will keep you page turning and wanting more, my main complaint is that I wanted a bit more.
Come along and travel with Lori and her friends, you will feel like you are on these marvelous trips with them, want to dance?
I received this book through Pump Up Your Book Blogger Tours, and was not required to give a positive review

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