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Pump Up Your Book Presents One Last Hurrah Book Blast – Win $25 Amazon Gift Card

One Last Hurrah
Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Mark & Brenda Smith‘s One Last Hurrah Book Blast January 5-30!
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PUYB Inside the Book
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One Last Hurrah

Title:  One Last Hurrah … Making Peace and a Difference
Author: Mark & Brenda Smith
Genre: Inspirational / Christian / Self-Help
Publisher:  MicroPress Books
Publication Date: September 21, 2014
ISBN:  978-0578150604

One Last Hurrah”  allows the reader to experience a story of inspiration,  inject their own experiences, unlike other books, so that the reader documents their own  life story.
This is, not only, a book about a former professional  wrestler overcoming loss, but his journey in finding  purpose and peace.   The book, “One Last Hurrah” ,  documents medical miracles, overcoming  abuse and experiences with drug addiction. Mark and Brenda , both, come from broken homes  and have found their calling in life working with youth/children for over 15 years.
Having come from divorce, Mark and Brenda had to decide if they were going to break the family cycles of abuse.   They dedicated themselves to helping abused and abandoned children.  They have been foster parents for several years  and  open their home to students who have no where to go.  For them to understand their purpose, they had to go through a lot of trials.   Mark has suffered mini strokes and multiple concussions from a career in professional wrestling.  He had to make peace with the father  that instilled a childhood of fear.   Brenda witnessed Mark and his brother burying their father with shovels  and the nightmares Mark would endure.   Later, Mark and  several of his friends would develop equipment and would be taken to Capitol Hill.  He found himself  working with military leaders from all over the world.   When Mark wanted to give up on living, doors opened!

Book Excerpt: 
Chapter One:  The Lowest Point in My Life
I walked into our apartment and called out her name.  There was no answer.  I began the search; I found her in our bed, face down.  I knelt on the bed and gently turned her over on her back.  I called her name again, and this time she began what I couldn’t decipher was laughing or crying. Whatever it was, it scared the living heck out of me.
Had I driven her over the edge?  I accept total responsibility for whatever was happening to her.  I know that I was no good for anyone.   She would not respond to me; so I went to the other room and sat on the couch and cried.  What have I done to her? Whatever was going on with her, I know I was the cause of it.
As I sat there and cried, she came walking into the room and calmly said, “We’re finished.”  I looked up at her, staring blankly at this woman whom I loved (but apparently not in the way she needed to be loved).  I felt like a loser, not something that a professional wrestler ever wanted to feel.  I slowly got up and walked to the door.  I looked back at her, lowered my head, and walked out the door.
I went for a drive to try to absorb what she had just said.  Her words kept ringing in my head.  “We are finished.”  I can’t say that I don’t understand.  I do.  Our world was ridden with booze, drugs, verbal and mental abuse.  I couldn’t think straight.

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PUYB Meet the Author
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Mark & Brenda Smith

God has rebuilt Mark’s life with his wife, Brenda, of 22 years.  Having never thought he was worthy of being a father, Mark and Brenda have been blessed with three wonderful kids. Mark was diagnosed to lose his ability to walk by age 18.  He not only beat the odds, but was invited to Spring Training with several Major League clubs and ended up traveling the U.S. working for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling.
Brenda has been a Children’s Minister for almost 15 years and also loves to lead Women’s Bible studies.  She has also been a worship leader for Women’s Ministry Events.  She enjoys singing Contemporary and Southern Gospel music.
 Mark, Brenda and their children make their home in Fayetteville, TN

Visit Mark & Brenda online at

Contact Mark & Brenda at:
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Pump Up Your Book and Authors Mark & Brenda Smith are teaming up to give away a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

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