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Identity Crisis: Book Two in the B.K. Investigations Series by Jean Hackensmith

Little Angela Patten is kidnapped by a madman-a man who's convinced she's his dead daughter. When rumors of how Dan Hamilton actually died reach the Cheyenne Chief of Police, Brian Koski is forced to resign his position as captain of the Sixth Precinct and go into business for himself as a private detective. His partner? A mahogany-colored Belgian Malinois named Sinbad. A former NYPD police dog, Sinbad is vicious when need be and reliable to a fault-unless a train goes by or there's a thunderstorm, then chances are he will turn tail and run. Brian's first clients are Jeff and Melody Patten. He's an explosives expert for a local demolitions company; she's a stay-at-home mom. Both are devoted parents to their young daughter, Angela. The problem comes in the form of one Collin Lanaski, an unstable ex-Air Force lieutenant and Angela's second grade teacher, who suddenly starts insisting that Angela is his daughter-the same daughter who died in a tragic car accident four years earlier. What does Collin base this incredible revelation on? Dog tags and car seats. Brian is convinced the man has suffered a psychotic break. He's delusional and dangerous, and it becomes the P.I.'s job to protect Angela from a madman.

About This Author 
Jean Hackensmith is the published author of 12 books, all in the romance genre; everything from time travel, to historical, to contemporary. My newest release, "Checkmate" is the start of my break from the romance genre. It's still classified as a romantic thriller, but truthfully it's more thriller than romance. I'm not saying I won't ever write another romance, especially time travel. I'd have too many upset readers if I didn't. But, for now, I just needed try something new. In fact, my current manuscript, titled "We The People" takes me completely out of the romance genre. But more about that later.

As far as personal info goes, I'm married to my best friend and biggest supporter, Ron. I'm the proud mother of 3, the stepmother of 2, and the grandmother of 10. Next to writing, my passion is community theatre. In fact, I founded our local community theatre back in 1992 and still direct 2-3 shows a year. My other interests include camping, bowling and sitting in a restaurant with a good friend until the wee hours of the morning and talking about anything and everything.

My Review:

 This is a very different Private Investigator story, and it will keep you on your toes and guessing until the very end. When our Detective Brian Koski, is forced to leave the police department, a job he loves, and opens his own P I office.
We follow several of his cases from beginning to end, and the end is not always what we wish, but it is more like everyday life. First we have a little girl whom it appears is being stalked by a man that is convinced he is her father, and Brian is hired to help Angela’s parents find a way to make her safe and keep delusional man away from their child.
We also meet a police dog dropout, who takes a liking to Brian and becomes his Sinbad, really by choice. We have some funny and interesting happenings, as these two become a team. This big vicious dog is a failure because he is afraid of loud noises, poor baby.
I loved some of the cases Brian is offered, and really enjoyed some of his elderly customers, how fun they are, and one cases seems to lead to another. I loved some the interaction here, and the compassion that is offered on both sides.
You will be saddened and overjoyed by some of the events the take place here! There are some appalling and sickening people out there, and we get to meet one of them, and hope for the worse for one of them.
If you like interesting, page-turning suspense and mystery, this one is just the book for you. Enjoy!

I received this book through Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.

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