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Kregel Blog Tours: God Knows Your Name: In a World of Rejection, He Accepts You by Catherine Campbell

Contemporary and biblical stories offer hope to those struggling with rejection For many people the idea that God likes us as individuals, just as we are, is often an unfamiliar concept, while rejection--by a partner, one's parents, an employer, or friends--is a fact of life.

This book encourages readers to embrace the truth of a personal God with whom we do not need to struggle to gain recognition, a God who intervenes and acts on our behalf, a God who knows our names.

Each of the six chapters contains two stories dealing with situations of rejection. The first story concerns an individual from the Bible, explaining how God stepped in to change his or her situation, thus revealing how important the individual was to him.

The second, connecting story tells of a present day individual in similar circumstances and how God again positively intervened. These are true stories, using carefully researched material for authenticity and accuracy, and told with remarkable power and conviction.

Catherine Campbell is involved in ministry to women through speaking, writing and pastoral situations.

Catherine’s interest in writing started in primary school when she won a National School’s Story Competition run by the chocolate company, Cadbury. Much later she moved on from the story of the cocoa bean to crafting magazine articles published in magazines such as: The Nursing Standard, Parentwise, Just Between Us, Woman Alive, Lifetimes and is a regular contributor to Ireland's latest Christian magazine, Rejoice Always.

In March 2008 her first book ‘Under the Rainbow’ was published by Ambassador Productions, closely followed eight months later by her second, ‘Rainbows for Rainy Days’. Her third book 'God Knows Your Name' has been published by Monarch.

Her working life started as a nurse in Belfast’s famous Royal Victoria Hospital, and she continued nursing on a part-time basis for the next few decades. In 2005 Catherine hung up her uniform for the last time to devote more time to writing, and to be able to keep up with her diary of speaking engagements, as well as those of a busy minister’s wife.

To date Catherine has spoken at numerous Ladies' meetings/events, including day conferences, breakfasts and weekends, in Ireland, the UK, Germany, and Thailand. She has made the occasional foray into mixed meetings, but her love is ministering to women, encouraging them to develop a closer, more passionate walk with Jesus. Having cared for two profoundly disabled daughters for a period of almost twenty years, Catherine is often asked to speak on the subject of suffering - through testimony, bible ministry and seminars. But she also delights in opportunities to share what the bible has to say on a myriad of other subjects too!

Catherine, a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, now lives in the beautiful northern town of Coleraine, where her husband, Philip, is minister of the Congregational church.

Family is vitally important to Catherine, and she thanks God for a close loving family who have supported her at every stage of her life. She and Philip have three children; two daughters, Cheryl and Joy, now in heaven, and a wonderful son, Paul who is married to Susie, both exceptional musicians. (Check out and hear for yourself!). Paul and Susie's daughter, Bethany Joy, is now a delightful toddler and adding another generation of wonder to the family.

You can contact her by filling in the Contact Form on this page or by email

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My Review:
This book is so will warm your heart. It brings to life many Bible stories. Once I started I could not put it down. Catherine Campbell has done such a wonderful job writing these stories, we go back in time, and then have it reinforced with a more recent time. One example would be the unclean woman found in Marks Gospel, chapter 5:21-32....and then we find a story told by a Missionary about Bobula living in Papua New Guinea. The stories are so similar, and yet different. Yes God does know your are given the chance of Redemption. There are so many more stories and we are show how they apply in the present day. Love it!! I will be sharing my book and recommending it to others! Thank you Catherine! I received this book from the Publisher Kregel, and was not required to give a positive review.

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  1. Thank you Maureen for reading my book 'God Knows Your Name'. I am so glad that you enjoyed it and that you feel happy to share your review with others. Isn't it amazing how God knows our names and our circumstances and loves us just the same! God bless you, Catherine


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