Friday, July 27, 2012

Pump Your Book Virtual Tours: Pam of Babylon by Suzanne Jenkins and Win Kindle Fire

Pam Smith is a Long Island housewife who spends her weekdays preparing for her husband Jack to return every weekend from the city. Their life is a perfect picture of American success, comfort, and the love of family and friends. Then, on a Saturday that seems no different than any other, tragedy strikes and Pam faces the greatest challenge of her previously charmed life. A riveting plot, shocking twists, and almost unbearable tension mark Suzanne Jenkins’ debut, a heart-wrenching examination of lives suddenly and irrevocably torn apart. On his routine weekend trip home, Jack has a heart attack on the train and Pam soon finds herself on a trip to identify his body. Theoretically, this should give her some form of closure, but instead it is the moment her life takes an unexpected trip down the rabbit hole of intrigue and past sins come shockingly to life. Pam must confront a series of revelations that unmask a life she realizes she only thought she knew, and the losses and disappointments she discovers give color and understanding to a man markedly different than he appeared. Uncovering secrets and betrayals far worse than her most vivid nightmare, Pam retreats to their meticulous Babylon beach house, the one refuge she has to put the pieces of her life together and move toward ultimate forgiveness. A fascinating, multiple point of view character study about confronting mistakes and omissions in life, Jenkins’ novel demonstrates the devastating consequences of our actions and how they can reverberate through generations. But it is through forgiveness that Pam finds redemption and strength, eschewing the option of victimization for one of power and, ultimately, personal peace. Affecting in its fast pacing and spare, evocative prose, Pam of Babylon is a powerful reminder for us all to strive to be better people. Themes of sexual abuse and infidelity.
Author Suzanne Jenkins

Suzanne Jenkins lives at the west Michigan lake shore with her husband, two dogs and two sheep. Her latest books are Pam of Babylon, Don’t You Forget About Me and Dream Lover.

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My Review:

Wow talk about worlds getting turned upside down, this book has it! Guess we should remember that things are not always as they appear.
Pam Smith has what looks like is a perfect life, she lives in Long Island, NY and on the a beautiful cottage. Her children are grown and away at college, when she receives the news. Her husband has had a heart attack...and has died. I don't believe I would have reacted to the facts that come out as well as Pam does. She is one strong person. While things are being revealed you wonder who or whom she should trust? Then there's Jack...the father of her two children, and you want to hate him.
We learn a lot about these people and the people who raised them, are we repeating another generation.
Suzanne Jenkins has written a page turner, and I can't wait to get into the next book. Don't miss this compelling read!

I received this book from Pump Your Book Virtual Tours and the Author Suzanne Jenkins, and was not required to give a positive review.

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