Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The Art of Love and Lies by Rebecca Anderson


Manchester, England, 1857

Rosanna Hawkins is one of Manchester’s finest artists, even though no one knows her name. She reproduces “parlor versions” of classic masterpieces with near-perfect precision, which her employer then sells to the emerging upper-middle class families.

When the largest art exhibition ever to be held in England opens in Manchester, Rosanna is excited to visit. She meets the handsome Inspector Martin Harrison, who is head of security, and is immediately intrigued by his charm, confidence, and portrait-worthy good looks. The two spend many a flirtatious afternoon exploring the exhibition hall, discussing art, and sharing their secret hopes. Rosanna dreams of painting something original and meaningful, and Martin hopes to one day shed the shadow of his father’s notorious past.

But when they discover the theft of some of the paintings―and all the evidence points to Rosanna―she must convince Inspector Harrison she is innocent and proposes a plan to capture the real art thief.

It is a daring race to catch the criminal before he disappears with the most priceless piece in the collection―Michaelangelo’s The Manchester Madonna. If Rosanna and Inspector Harrison fail, not only will the painting be lost forever but so will their chance to paint their own happily ever after.



About The Author

A ll my life I’ve been lost in a world of myth, magic and romance. Oh, I keep one brightly-polished toe planted firmly on the ground so I can find my way back to the mundane… when I absolutely must. But for the most part I fill my days spinning tales of contemporary characters caught up in the unusual, the magical, and the mystical as they embark on their Hero’s Journey and their quest for love.

I have an incurable case of wanderlust and so travel when I can. My family tells me I’m adventurous. Man, have I had adventures! But never…I mean never on purpose. I’m a big scardy cat. Yep, I admit it. I’m no Indiana Jane. I’m an “accidental adventurer.” I hear about a destination, and I think, “Oh, that looks pretty,” so I put on my Librarian hat and do research, planning out all the details of my safe little vacation. Then, when I get to that far-off place, that’s when both the “accidental” and “adventure” start happening. Enchanting, unexpected, and sometimes even dangerous, things, people and animals present themselves on my travels. When I’m not writing or travelling, I have the privilege of playing (play being the operative word) Granny Nanny to several of my grandkids. They keep my inner child alive and well. I have three wonderful adult children who are the real magic in my life.


My Review

I enjoyed this fun read, and could really picture it all happening.
The author gives us the character of Rosanna, she grew up with parents that encouraged the arts, and for her it became painting. You could almost feel her absorb a master's painting, stroke by stroke, and it was no wonder she was talented copier.
Then we are given some sweet romance when Detective Martin Harrison arrives at the Manchester Art Exhibit, and boy does he take his job seriously, living under a cloud driven by his father.
How these two come together makes a for a great page turner.
Of course life doesn't run smoothly, and there is danger, along with some threats, and train rides, that make your heart enter your throat, hoping for good to win.
Now I'm hoping Rosanna's sisters are each featured in their own book!
I received this book through the Publisher Shadow Mountain, and was not required to give a positive review. 


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