Monday, August 14, 2023

Not Your Shoe Size: A Novel About Acting Your Age (or not!) by Jennifer DiVita

 Julia and Colette are life-long best friends who couldn’t age more differently. Julia is a goody-two-shoes who embraces her gray hair, wrinkles, and geriatric sneakers. Colette is as tough as old boots and relentlessly chases after the elusive fountain of youth wearing stilettos. Growing up and growing old together, they clash, decade by decade, starting when they're ten and are forced to write their own obituaries for homework. Their assignment? Live to 100.

Despite being at odds on whether to embrace their age or defy it, they journey through life competing to see who reaches the finish line not first, but best. Their fierce loyalty, endearing friendship, and shared experiences—from puberty to menopause—are challenged by the ups and downs of life. And the older they get, the more they realize it just might be the other woman who's learned the secret to aging well in an ageist society.



About The Author

Jennifer DiVita is an influencer in aging. She works for AARP and is a TV talk show host, writer, and sought-after speaker. She was named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in W. Michigan by the Grand Rapids Business Journal, and uses her voice to share the upside of going down over the hill. Her expertise (plus her mid-life gaffes and extensive shoe collection) inspired her to write Not Your Shoe Size to encourage women that life is not just about surviving the later years but thriving in them.

My Review

Colette and Julia are more than best friends, they have know each other forever, at least from age 10, and we end the book with them entering 100 years.
We follow these BFF's through the years, and with times of excitement and joy, and times of despair, and through out these two are there for each other.
Some of the happenings had me laughing out loud, and these two had a saying for each other, "Act your age, chicha, not your shoe size!" This saying applied more and more throughout the years, and we are there through it all.
We learn a lot about these women, and in the end I wanted to staying with them, but all things do come to and end, and yes, I loved working through their lives!

I received this book this book through Hummingbird Book House, and was not required to give a positive review.

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