Tuesday, December 15, 2020

12 Days of Clean Romance – Taking Chances by Traci Wooden-Carlisle


Taking Chances by Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Friendship always seemed like the safest bet, but the possibility of love may make theirs a chance worth taking.

Almost from birth, Andrew Wolfe knew the majority of his life would be spent healing people. It’s a passion that he embraces with all of his being until a dark-haired, gray-eyed girl looks up from a pile of books between them and challenges the space in his heart for his first love.

Unsure if he can have Pietra along with the life he’s been destined, Andrew remains friends with Pietra for years without revealing his true feelings, but love won’t be denied forever.

Those who’ve met Pietra Rivera think she’s a shy but kind and generous woman with intelligence to rival the best minds in medicine, and they would be right.

They also believe that the ideal man for her would be an equally nice guy, with like ambitions who would move mountains for her and again they would be correct. But is Andrew that man or is she headed for heartbreak?

Will either of them take the chance at more than friendship with the other or will lifelong expectations and obligations keep them in the friend zone?

Taking Chances is book 2 in The Chances series. The three best friends, Meagan, Andrew and Pietra return from “Chances Are…”

Enjoy the romantic journey Andrew and Pietra take from friends to lovers and their families and best friend whowork in the background to help these two let go of their fears and take a chance on love.
If books about close-knit families and friendships that develop into more grab your attention, check out this book for yourself.
“I really enjoyed this book. A clean Christian romance. The author really bought the story together. I think the fact that Andrew is Native American but has a strong Christian faith is remarkable. I was intrigued by the story from the very first Chapter and it was a good read. We all have to take risks and chances and this book is about relying on our faith to get us through those risks. Taking Chances is book 2 in the Chances Series, but it is a
good Standalone novel. FANTASTIC BOOK!”

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