Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Chasing the White Lion (Talia Inger #2) by James R. Hannibal

Young CIA officer Talia Inger has reconciled with the man who assassinated her father, but that doesn't mean she wants him hovering over her every move and unearthing the painful past she's trying to put behind her. Still, she'll need him--and the help of his star grifter, Valkyrie--if she hopes to infiltrate the Jungle, the first ever crowdsourced crime syndicate, to rescue a group of kidnapped refugee children.

But as Talia and her elite team of thieves con their way into the heart of the Jungle, inching ever closer to syndicate boss the White Lion, she'll run right up against the ragged edge of her family's dark past. In this game of cat and mouse, it's win . . . or die. And in times like that, it's always good to have someone watching your back.

Former tactical deception officer and stealth pilot James Hannibal takes you deep undercover into the criminal underworld where everyone has an angle and no one escapes unscathed.


About The Author

ames R. Hannibal is the author of the award-winning Section 13 Mystery/fantasy series from Simon and Schuster Young Readers and the Thriller Award nominated Nick Baron series from Berkley Books. As a former stealth bomber pilot and drone pilot James is no stranger to action or secrets. He has been shot at, locked up by a surface to air missile system, and aided the capture of High Value Targets.


My Review

Wow! Love how the mind of this author works, you sure will never see coming all that unfolds in this read. It all seems so real like you’re watching the news or reading on the internet. Maybe this has played out and we are now hearing about it, that is how real this feels.
Now, this is the second book in this series, and yes, I have read the first, but I think this could be read alone, there are several references to the first, but you will be hooked and desire to see what you have missed!
I really love this book, and found this band of characters endearing, and thus I wanted more, and this read will keep you on your toes and holding your breath, will they survive to the end? Will the Archangel finally be found and brought to justice, or is the evil that permeates here that will win.

I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Revell, and was not required to give a positive review.

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