Thursday, January 25, 2018

Coldwater by Samuel Parker

Having forfeited his youth to the state prison system, Michael moved back to the only home he'd ever known. An empty shell of a man who now lived--if it could be called living--in the still vacant house of his parents in a town with one stoplight. A town that hated him. Had always hated him. And was ready to pick up where the prison system had let off.

Now he's on the run from men who've tried to kill him once; but Michael is more than an ex-con. A powerful, sinister force creeps inside him, threatening and destructive. Who--and what--it will destroy next is the only real question. From the bold voice that brought readers down Purgatory Road comes a new pulse-pounding, spine-rattling tale of vengeance and justice that will have them up all night.


About The Author

Samuel Parker was born in the Michigan boondocks but was raised on a never-ending road trip through the U.S. Besides writing, he is a process junkie and the ex-guitarist for several metal bands you've never heard of. He lives in West Michigan with his wife and twin sons.


My Review

When I first started this book, I felt compelled to keep page turning, the author is a gifted writer and although I was grasping for what the story was about, I had to keep at it.
Now I knew this was a Christian book, but there are no bible verses and we do not go to church, but I could quickly sense the undertones, and it wasn’t too far in that I began to understand, and it was so real.
This is a very different read, and yet it brought the justice system to light, a ten-year-old in prison, a man buried alive [how do these people sleep at night, they don’t], and then the mysterious deaths.
The ending was so awesome, once you read this, I felt justice was done, but then the evil continues, and I believe it does. So, scary, and yet so real!
I received this book through the Publisher Revell and their Blogger Program, and was not required to give a positive review.

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