Monday, October 28, 2013

The Cat in the Window And Other Stories of the Cats We Love by: Callie Smith Grant

A playful bat of a string. A bored yawn. A tender purr at the touch of your hand.
Cats are one of God's most enigmatic creatures. They're as crafty as they are cuddly, as rambunctious as they are reserved. We never quite know just what our cats are thinking--but it's perfectly obvious that they always are.

The Cat in the Window is a delightful collection of true stories that celebrate the cats in our lives. Inside you'll meet an orange tiger-striped cat who softened the hard edges of life for a young family, a skinny black-and-white stray who braved a blizzard to find a home, a fat cat who saved his owner's life one night, cats who offered comfort in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and many more. These warm stories will touch your heart and renew your spirit.

So curl up on the couch with the special cat in your life . . . and enjoy!

About The Author
 Callie Smith Grant is the editor of A Prince among Dogs and A Dickens of a Cat. She is also the author of several nonfiction books for young readers and adults as well as many animal-themed stories and poems which can be seen in Guideposts anthologies and in magazines such as Small Farmers Journal.


My Review:

This is a fun book to read, and it does go fast. The stories are short, so if you have just a few minutes at a time, you can finish one quickly.
The book is a collection of true stories, and they of course, revolve around cats. Some of them are quite funny, and others very touching.
There are many types of cats as we all know, some are very aloof, and others won't leave you alone...all they want is attention.
No matter how they came into their lives, these cats leave their imprint on their owners, or feeders! Famous last words..."No he, she, can't stay".
This book will have you curling up with your cat, and having a comfy read.
You won't be disappointed!

I received this book through the Revell Book Reviewers Program, and was not required to give a positive review. 

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