Thursday, January 12, 2012

Summer of Light: A Novel by W. Dale Cramer

Summer of Light: A Novel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mick Brannigan is an iron worker...a man's man. He does a silly stunt and ends up getting injured, and then laid off. His wife Layne, is a Paralegal and wants to go back to work. So Mick becomes an Original Mr Mom.
He has 3 children Dylan, who needs some extra help at 4, then his daughter Toad and Son Ben. You will also meet some interesting characters in this book! There's Aubry, his disagreeable neighbor, Hap his easy go lucky neighbor, The Man With No Hands, a man who loves God.
Be ready for some really great laughs, I'm still chuckling over some of them....the way the tree fell, the laundry!
Aubry gives Mick his old camera, and he takes a few pictures. Aubry is impressed, and from here we go on a few adventures taking pics. I got the impression that Mick likes taking pics, but is not an inflated ego about it.
There are a few things that go on while he is watching the children, and Layne almost has a heart attack when she arrives home to see one of them!
I love how Mick throughout the story keeps getting closer to God!
I think you will find this to be a really good read, and something different!

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