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After the Snow Falls by Carey Jane Clark

After the Snow FallsAfter the Snow Falls by Carey Jane Clark

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Celia Bennet's day is so very full, being in charge of the event to raise money for her son's soccer team. Her son Caleb 8 years old, is competing in the Shoot-Out. He is just about to make his shot, when he goes down, and a parent's worst nightmare is about to begin.

She is riding in the ambulance and trying desperately to get in touch with her husband Jeff. When she arrives at the hospital Caleb is whisked away, and they wait for news. It is not good! They are say a brain stem tumor, and are sending him to the Children's Hospital in Toronto. All the way to the hospital they want to believe the local hospital has made a mistake, it can't be true!

Out in the Western USA, California coast, Adele has met her ex-husband Alfie, and is riding in his tractor trailer. They are going down Rt 66, and stopping plenty so Adele can take pictures to paint later. They spent the night in the desert with Alfie sleeping outside, and Adele in the cab of the truck.

Alfie is awakened suddenly when Adele tells him she feels "something is wrong". That is the day their Grandson has collapsed.

While Adele has tried many times to get in touch with their daughter, Alfie pops the question to have them remarry. Adele agrees!

Alfie had walked out on his family 30 years ago and Celia has not been able to forgive him. Now they are all facing a very hard time.

You will find God working in all of their lives, with Celia being the lone holdout. Love the innocence of Caleb, and the questions he asks his newly found Grandpa.

Throughout the whole book you keep wondering if their will be a way to save this little boy? Will the chemo and radiation work, even though the Dr's say "No". Will the answers come from alternative medicine, such as offered in Mexico, or will what we hope the "Power of Prayer" be the answer?

I really enjoyed this read, and highly recommend it, but have a box of tissues handy!

I received this book from Reader's Favorite, and was not required to give a positive review.

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