Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Amish Christmas by Cynthia Keller

Synopsis: Meg Hobart has everything: a happy marriage to a handsome, successful husband, a beautiful home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and three wonderful children. But it all comes crashing down around her the day she learns that her husband, James, has been living a lie—and has brought the family to financial ruin. Penniless and homeless, the Hobarts pack up what little they still possess and leave behind their golden life for good. But it’s not the material things Meg finds herself mourning. Instead, she misses the certainty that she should remain married to James, who has betrayed her trust so thoughtlessly. Worse, she is suddenly very aware of just how spoiled her children have become. Meg wonders what her family has really sacrificed in their pursuit of the American dream.

A frightening twist of fate forces the Hobarts to take refuge with a kind Amish family in Pennsylvania, where they find themselves in a home with no computers, no cell phones, nothing the children consider fashionable or fun. Her uncooperative brood confined to the Amish world of hard work and tradition, their futures entirely uncertain, Meg fears she can never make her family whole again.

My Opinion: Meg and James have lost everything they thought they valued. They along with their 3 children Lizzie, Will, and Sam, have left North Carolina and are headed to Homer NY to live with Meg's parents. At the beginning of the story it does not seem possible that this family is going to be able to stay together.
Fate brings them to visit the Amish community in Pennsylvania, and a near fatal mishap ends up changing their lives. While traveling down a Country Road in their packed to the gills Mustang, James swerves and misses an Amish buggy. David Lutz is so thankful to be alive and no one is hurt. He opens his Amish home to the family.
Lizzie and Will are aghast that there is no electricity! Where Sam seems to settle in nicely. What ends up being over 2 week stay changes all of the Hobart's lives.
I really enjoyed the interaction between the English and the Amish. This is the story of forgiveness and acceptance. I loved the story!

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