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Celebrate Lit Presents: The Samaritan's Patient


About the Author

Book Title: The Samaritan’s Patient

Author Name: Chevron Ross

Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Teen Christian Fiction

Release Date: January 25, 2024


Teenager Paige Abernathy awakens after a severe beating to find that she suffers from amnesia, and that everyone seems to hate her.

She has only flashes of memory until the night a grieving parent attacks her in her hospital room.

Paige then remembers her role as creator of an online group where members talk about ways to commit suicide.

After recovering from the beating, Paige embarks on a journey of penance to atone for a disaster born of good intentions. Her odyssey launches her on a mission of mercy and into new danger.

The Samaritan’s Patient is a thought-provoking novel about navigating the treacherous waters of social media.


Book Excerpt

Flat Nose passed a hand across her face. “I think we got her so scared she can’t talk.”

            “How about that, Taylor Swift? You scared of us?”

            “You think we’re gonna just go away if you ignore us?”

            The girl maintained focus, her fingertips white from gripping the rail.

            “I think she’s just teasin’ us,” Tall Boy said.

            “Yeah, she’s a tease,” Flat Nose echoed.

            “She ain’t gonna tell us nothin’.”

            “She sure ain’t gonna give us nothin’.”

            “Naw! She’s gonna make us look for it.”

            A gleam appeared in Tall Boy’s eyes. “Let’s have a treasure hunt!” He yanked her hands loose and spun her around. “Hoo, ain’t she pretty?”

            “She’s fine!” Flat Nose frisked her roughly. “She ain’t got no money, though.”

            “She’s got somethin’ better than money!”

            “Let’s see what you’ve got.” Tall Boy’s fingers probed for zippers. “How do you get this thing off, Baby Cheeks?”

            The girl’s eyes cleared. A moan of terror rose from her throat. Her hands flailed at him.

            “Now we’ve got her attention.” Tall Boy laughed, seizing her wrists. “Hold still.” From behind, Bent Nose grabbed the bodice and ripped it open. “Whoa! She’s juicy under this thing!”

            “She’s about to get juicier!”

            “You’re gonna give it up, girl”!

            “No! No!” She yanked one arm free and slashed at Tall Boy, her nails tearing four deep gashes in his cheek.




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About the Author


Chevron Ross is a pseudonym for someone unimportant. He is not a writer, but God keeps

putting ideas into his head that somehow turn into stories. If you like them, be sure to offer God

a prayer of thanks.

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