Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Landmark (Painter Place Saga #4) by Pamela Poole

After graduating college and arriving home to Painter Place in the summer of 1960, a young bachelor named Wyeth Painter dreams of living a quiet life. But his father sends him to London to teach an art class where he meets and falls for model Chrissy Carnet, an American from D.C. By the time he discovers the stunning young lady's father is a fearsome international spy who brought them together, Wyeth's heart is in chaos.

But Chrissy is determined to follow him and daydreams of creating a home on his island. With the Island Summer Dance looming ahead, Wyeth tries to protect Painter Place from any danger her presence might bring. Will Wyeth force himself to get over her, or can both their dreams intertwine and come true?


About The Author

Pamela Poole is an artist and author currently living in Raleigh, NC with her husband Mark, but they dream of moving back to the coast someday. Pamela's love of living in the South is lavished into her creative subject matter. She believes that art and stories are only worthwhile when they are filled with beauty and hope that survive in spite of all life’s challenges.

Pamela is a member of various author and artist organizations. Her FREE painting demos can be found on her YouTube channel, and FREE coloring pages can be downloaded from her websites. Stay up to date with Pamela Poole Fine Art and Southern Sky Publishing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Pamela Poole Art on YouTube.


My Review

I struggled with this book, and it does highlight the values I hold dear, but it is the first book in this series that I have read, and I felt lost most of the time.
There is romance here, good clean romance, with the values of a deep Christian Faith, and I agreed with all that was offered, and I really loved the compassion given to those who have sinned.
I did love how these characters kept to their Christian values throughout their lives, and they were tested and tempted everywhere!
I love the description of this beautiful island that they lived on in South Carolina, and that it was settled by the Painter Family, and the home, which made me want the room with the veranda with the ocean view.
A sweet romance, a bit of mystery and an epilogue!

I received this book through Celebrate Lit and was not required to give a positive review.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful insights and for hosting the Landmark Celebration Tour on your beautiful blog (love the blossoms and the gradient that becomes a pretty blue!). How neat that you mention the epilogue - it leads perfectly into the first novel, Painter Place, where readers will begin with the story whether Noble Painter's prayers for his granddaughter, Caroline, will come true with Chad Gregory :-) I'm so glad you let readers know that you felt lost in the novel, because it's difficult for me and beta readers who know the series to determine if it should be read before the first book or not. There is a character list in the back of the book, but many readers don't go there, especially on an ereader device.

    I appreciate your encouragement to both authors and readers by posting reviews that help us find our next great story!


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