Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The String (Deadly Games, #1) by Caleb Breakey

Welcome to the string, a game of impossible decisions and deadly consequences. Let's go over the ground rules.

Rule #1: Participation is mandatory.
Rule #2: If anyone refuses to play, all threats will come to pass.
Game on.

Get ready for a deadly social experiment as a sociopath known as The Conductor delivers disturbing threats and twisted moral dilemmas to unsuspecting students and staff.

As a powerful instinct for self-preservation sweeps through the campus, one man has a grave decision to make. Will university cop Markus Haas play the game to protect those he loves? Or will he break the string and incite massive chaos--and even death?

In the great suspense tradition of Ted Dekker and Steven James, Caleb Breakey's explosive debut novel will have you turning pages into the night.


About The Author

Caleb Breakey and his wife spent their wedding money on 52 books about writing fiction. Then, for years, he spent his days off penning stories for 16 hours straight. He loves fiction because they teach without a lecture, inspire without a speech, and entertain without any props.

Along with being an ECPA Award finalist and a winner of the prestigious Genesis Contest for fiction writers, Caleb is also the Founder of Sermon To Book and Speak It To Book, the premier ghostwriting agencies for faith-filled thought leaders.

Caleb writes in the beautiful Pacific Northwest alongside his wife, Brittney, and enjoys visits from two mischievous mini huskies and a smiley Shiba Inu.
My Review
This is a mind-blowing read, and once a few pages are turned your hooked, and even when the last page is turned, you realize that more is about to happen.
How would you like to receive this memo?
Rule #1: Participation is mandatory.
Rule #2: If anyone refuses to play, all threats will come to pass.
Game on.
Yes, this is how it begins, and you can’t even imagine how it is played out. Most I never saw coming, and surprises abound here, and don’t rule anyone out.
Most of all who will survive to the end? A lot don’t make it, and they tried playing by the rules, the rules of a sociopath, and evil is sure raising its ugly head here.

I received this book through Revell Blogger Program, and was not required to give a positive review

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