Monday, May 28, 2018

Holes in the Soul by Devon Blanton

There aren’t many publications on the market today that can explain the causes of strongholds in the way that Holes in the Soul does. It’s powerful and revealing. Imprints can be the root of many thought processes that we inadvertently believe to be normal. What if we are wrong and our belief systems are flawed? How can we know if what we believe is real truth? These and many more questions are answered within these pages. You will be amazed once you discover what makes you think the way you do. It can change your life and perhaps free you from bondages you never knew you had. Dr. Devon Blanton carefully dissects the causes of negative thinking processes and reveals their effects in a way that anyone can understand. This is a powerful and compelling study!


About The Author

Devon Blanton

Dr. Devon Blanton is a pastor conducting a full-time ministry along with a very busy Christian Counseling practice. He holds an earned Doctorate in Religious Education, specializing in Counseling. He is certified in Family and Marriage, Grief and Drug Abuse and Health and Nutrition. He is also a Certified Health Coach. His post-doctoral pursuits include an earned diploma in Psychiatric Studies. He also completed brief studies in Cardiology and Resuscitation from Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. He further expanded His studies in nutrition from Texas A&M, Vanderbilt University and Stanford University. This all coincides with his four-pillar philosophy on Counseling. These focus on the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Financial parts of who we are. He is also the Founder of Cross Anchors Solutions, a high-level training program out of Durham, N.C. providing training in Leadership Development, Biblical Counseling I, II, Advanced Biblical Counseling and Health & Nutrition. He has authored several books including, The ASSIGNMENT, Holes in the Soul, Shake the Heavens-Move the Earth and the two brand new projects now underway, Health is the Best Medicine and Raising God.
My Review
A real eye opener of a book, one that all Christians should have, and others too, we all have, and impossible not to, experience negative thinking.
Why do we have the struggles we have, those life events that haunt us, this book attempts to answers these questions. Do we pray correctly?
We all have these holes in our soul, and this read helped me recognize how to deal with them. A great study guides.

I received this book book through Dr. Devon’s Street Team, and was not required to give a positive review.


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