Tuesday, January 3, 2017

His Substitute Wife (Stand-In Brides #1) by Dorothy Clark

A Convenient Marriage

Blake Latherop needs a wife in order to keep his business, and his betrothed has apparently eloped with another man. So when his fiancée's sister, Audrey Prescott, steps off the train in Whisper Creek offering to be his bride, he's in no position to refuse. But it's hardly the marriage he had in mind.

Audrey knows she shouldn't have answered Blake's letters in her sister's name…but she couldn't bring herself to tell him of his fiancée's betrayal. Now the only way to fix things is through a temporary marriage. But as she comes to love her new life in the West, Audrey dreads the day Blake finds another solution to their situation. Because what started as a marriage of convenience has become so much more for her.


About The Author

Married to her own personal hero for over fifty-eight years, mother of three, grandmother of four, and great-grandmother to a beautiful baby girl, Dorothy calls on her life’s experiences—including designing and helping her husband build their home, complete with beams they hewed by hand and a real, old-fashioned walk-in kitchen fireplace she occasionally cooks in, to add color and depth to her stories. But, while she still knows how to clean used bricks, mix mortar and swing a mean hammer, she now only designs homes for the characters in her books. An antique lover, she fills those homes (and her own) with furnishings appropriate to the time.

When she is not busy writing, Dorothy enjoys visiting with family—who live much too far away—and traveling with her husband throughout the United States doing research for future books. She values her American heritage and believes in God, love, family and happy endings, which explains why she feels so at home writing Christian historical romance.


My Review

Can you imagine the anticipation that Blake Lathrope is experiencing as he meets the train carrying his beloved Linda on, only her sister Audrey appears, she is lovely, but not Linda. Audrey knows her sister has left Blake in the lurch as he has agreed to stay in a town, Whisper Creek, and he needs to be married, or he looses his new store.
We go through this story with each member of this, married in name only, couple, and each thinking the other wishes Blake was married to Linda.
Will Linda the one, who brought them together, be the one who breaks them apart? Interesting concept, but how would any woman want to live in a home, with one glace shows who Blake was thinking of when he bought each piece.
We do get picturesque looks at the Wyoming scenery, and I would love to see the waterfall. You will have to read to the very end to see how this all comes out, and I had an idea of some of the events that did happen.
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Love Inspired, and was not required to give a positive review. 

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