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DELIVER ME FROM EVIL (The Freedom Series) BLOG TOUR with author, Kathi Macias October 17-31, 2011 & Book Giveaway!

Deliver Me from Evil introduces readers to Mara, an eighteen-year-old girl who has been enslaved for nearly ten years, having been sold by her parents in Mexico and then smuggled across the border into San Diego where she was forced into sexual slavery. Readers will also meet 18-year-old, Bible-college-bound Jonathan and his 16-year-old sister, Leah, whose paths cross Mara’s and who become involved in her dramatic rescue.
Interwoven between the stories of Mara, Jonathan, and Leah is the heartbreaking story of another young woman in captivity in the Golden Triangle of Thailand, whose past life mysteriously connects to the young people in San Diego.

How did you come up with the idea for Deliver Me From Evil and the Freedom series?

It actually came out of a phone conversation with Andrea Mullins, the publisher at New Hope. We were discussing the Extreme Devotion series (about the persecuted Church), which I was still working on at the time, and we began to consider topics for a second series. Andrea was the one who suggested human trafficking, and it really struck a chord with me. The more I researched it and worked on the proposal, the more excited I became about joining forces with others working to abolish modern-day slavery, which is exactly what human trafficking is.

What was your favorite scene to write in Deliver Me From Evil?

This book/series has been the most difficult I’ve ever written, simply because the subject matter is so dark and heavy. More than once I had to walk away and clear my thoughts before moving on from one scene to another. But interspersed between the heartache and tragedy are several lighter scenes (written and incorporated into the book out of necessity), dealing with a pastor’s family and their Bible college-bound son who inadvertently discovers the human trafficking ring and becomes involved in the heroic and dramatic rescue attempt. Any scenes revolving around the absolutely functional and loving life of the Flannery family are my favorites.

What was the most difficult scene, and why?

There were many difficult scenes in this book due to the subject matter, but the hardest had to be when the main character, 18-year-old Mara, realizes that one of the younger girls is being tortured and killed in an effort to extract information and punish her. Though the actual violence is done offstage, Mara experiences each blow and muffled scream, as does the reader.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer? If not, how did you catch the writing bug?

Oh yes, I never wanted to be anything else. From the time I discovered the power and allure of words, I was hooked! I was an avid reader before I started kindergarten. A short story I wrote in the third grade was turned into a play for the entire PTA, and I won all sorts of awards for poetry in high school. I even told my then boyfriend (now husband) Al when we were in our early teens that I was going to be a writer one day.

How do you go about writing your fiction books? Which comes first for you, plot, characters, and/or theme?

I usually get what I call “a niggling in my soul,” which eventually emerges into the very basic theme of the book. I hate outlining and writing proposals because I do NOT develop plots or even characters ahead of time. I start with a couple of main characters, a starting and ending point for my story, and just let the rest unfold as I go. I know. We’re not supposed to do it that way, but it works for me, and I so enjoy the surprises as the story develops and my characters take over. So much fun! So long as they don’t try to lead me away from my pre-determined ending. Then I have to reign them back in a bit.

How do you get your ideas for your books?

I have ideas coming out of my ears! I am a seriously addictive idea person. You want ideas? You can have my overflow! My challenge is to figure out which ones are worth pursuing. Not every cute or fun or even meaningful idea that pops into our head is meant to be a book. I pray, think, study, bounce them off people, etc., before committing to moving ahead with one of them. For the most part, however, nearly all my book ideas are, to one degree or another, born out of some moral or social issue that I care about.

How can we find out more about you, The Freedom Series, and other books you are writing?

Please visit my website at

My Review: Deliver Me From Evil is a book that will challenge you in so many ways. One hates to think that sex slavery even exists, but yes it does! The story features 18 year old Jonathan, about to graduate from High School, and 18 year old Mara who was sold by her own family into slavery.
Jonathan is going to Bible college in the Fall, but even though he has been raised in a Christian Family, his Dad is an assistant Pastor, he has not committed his life to Christ. Jonathan and Mara have a chance meeting at a Motel where he is delivering Pizza's. That meeting in the end is going to be a life changer for all.
While this book is a fast read, it is not a subject that easy to deal with, but I'm glad that Kathi did.
We should be on our knees that we have never suffered the fate of these poor innocents.

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  1. Thank you for your gracious review of Deliver Me From Evil--not an easy book to read OR write, but a necessary one. Blessings to you and your readers/followers!

  2. Sounds great - I would love to win it. I am now a follower. Please enter me in the contest. thanks!

  3. Oh wow, this is like no other book I've ever seen. Please enter me.

    I follow through GFC - lastnerve


  4. I would love to win this book for two reasons. 1. It's so very different than anything I have ever read and 2. it's a book that both my daughter and I can read and in turn discuss. Thanks again for the giveaway!


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  7. I would really like to read this book as the last speaker at our United Methodist Women's group spoke on human slavery and she mentioned this book.

    Loraine Ertelt

  8. I am a GFC member of yours under Pamela Williams. This google post says I'm Pamela J. Though we have separate pictures, I am the same person.
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  9. Stories that have true elements to them, as this one does, are near and dear to my heart. It sounds like it is going to be gut-wrenching. Maybe that is another way of saying 'a life changer'. Just reading what it is about, sounds like there are all sorts of twists and turns and before it is finished, several people involved. But, life is like that too, isn't it? Just to think about how each of us fit into everyone else's lives and all of our own twists as well.
    Pamela Williams
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