Friday, April 29, 2011

She Shall Stand: Testimony of the Unending Capacity of God's Grace and Love by Hortense Duarma Grimes

Hortense Duarma Grimes is the founder of Do It For Christ Ministry. She is a Christian faith-based motivational speaker, writer and evangelist. Ms. Grimes is a native of Liberia, West Africa and a former resident of Charles County, Maryland. After twenty-one years residing in the United States, God in His perfect holiness completed that phase. The Lord instructed her to return to her native Africa and work for Him to fulfill the Vision of the ministry. She is currently in transition. Ms. Grimes can be contacted via her website at
I loved this book! What a wonderful loving Christian family Hortense came from! She described her Father who was a geodetic engineer. In Liberia, parents and children shared precious closeness and it was delightful to the child. A normal routine was after a parent returned home from work, children joyously ran to meet them at the front door, with hug and kiss greeting. Immediately the child ran into the room to bring their slippers and take off the parent’s shoes. It was bliss to take off your dad’s
socks and slide his feet into slippers, and take your mom’s shoes and handbag into the bedroom. We ran over each other trying to be the one to do that, on any given day. Children eagerly wanted to be
near their parents; tying shoe strings, pressing handkerchiefs, and running their numerous miscellaneous errands around the house.
She deal with a lot of adversity, but though out all she keeps her closeness with God. There are time when she should have listened to what God was telling her...sometimes several times, but doesn't.
I learned things about Liberia that I didn't know. I recommend reading a very well written autobiography.

I was given this book by Readers Favorite, and was not required to give a good review.

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