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Celebrate Lit Presents: The End Begins Author Name: Sara Davison Epic Book Launch


About the Book

Book Title: The End Begins

Author Name: Sara Davison

Genre: Dystopian Romantic Suspense

Release Date: July 15, 2024

Which of them is the prisoner and which one is free?

Bookstore owner Meryn O'Reilly and Army Captain Jesse Christensen are on opposite sides of a battle. After a series of terrorist attacks in 2053, martial law has been declared in Canada and the military has taken over. When a radical Christian group claims responsibility, Jesse and his platoon are sent to Meryn's city to keep an eye on the Christians and ensure they are not stepping outside the confines of the law.

Fiery and quick-tempered, Meryn chafes under the curfew and other restrictions to her freedom. Jesse is equally amused, intrigued, and terrified by her spirit, knowing she could end up in prison if she shows defiance to the wrong soldier, namely Lieutenant Gallagher.

Jesse watches out for Meryn when possible, although she wants nothing to do with him. His worst fears are realized when she commits a crime he cannot protect her from. Now they both face an uncertain future and the very real threat of losing everything, including their lives.

With time running out, Jesse works feverishly to convince the authorities to show leniency—and to convince Meryn that love can overcome any barrier that lies between them.


Book Excerpt

“Why do you think they told you that?”

“So I don’t get hurt.”

“That’s right. Do you think you can follow that order from now on, soldier?”

Isaiah’s head jerked up, his eyes glowing as he straightened to his full height. “Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Jesse clasped the boy’s shoulder, thin beneath a navy hoodie. “Then I think you’ll make a fine officer one day. Maybe even a general.” He held out the ball. “I’m counting on you to set an example for the other kids and stay on the right side of the fence, okay?”

“I will.” The boy took the ball from him. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Jesse stood and watched until the kid had made his way along the side of the property to the partially open metal gate. When he pushed through it, the friends who had been watching the two of them swarmed him.

Now that his blood pressure had come down a bit, Jesse was able to manage a grin. Whether or not the awe was fully deserved, it was gratifying to see that kids had a high regard for soldiers.



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About the Author


Sara Davison is the author of The Night Guardians, The Rose Tattoo, two sparrows for a penny, and In the Shadows series, as well as the standalone, The Watcher. A finalist for more than a dozen national writing awards, including the Christy Award, Davison is a Cascade, Word, and two-time Carol Award winner for romantic suspense. She lives in Ontario with her husband, Michael. Like every good Canadian, she loves coffee, hockey, poutine, and apologizing for no particular reason. Get to know Sara better and subscribe to her short, monthly newsletter at

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  1. Thanks so much, Maureen, for participating in the epic launch of The End Begins! Blessings, Sara


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