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Celebrate Lit Presents Book Launch: Adult-o-Nomics Author Name: Tez Brooks



About the Book

Book Title: Adult-o-Nomics

Author Name: Tez Brooks

Genre: Non-fiction (Self-Help)

Release Date: April 30, 2024

Launching out and making your way in life can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.


One study revealed that over fifty percent of young adults boomeranged home in the first five years. Often, this is caused by underestimating how many curveballs life throws. You may not want to return home, and helicopter parents don’t help as they sympathetically offer to cushion you in the name of “setting you up for success.” But you know there’s nothing more rewarding than making it on your own.


Mom and Dad couldn’t teach you everything. Your peers can’t offer the wisdom of experience. Even mentors don’t often know what you need guidance for. You need preventive counsel; information obtained before a crisis hits. Well, you found it! Within these pages is experience and know-how collected from famous personalities and others who’ve forged the path ahead of you; from all different ages and walks of life.


This mix of ancient wisdom (adapted from God’s Word) and modern advice from contemporaries will place you ahead of the curve as you increase in know-how and understanding for more effective adulting.

Adult-o-Nomics is a gift book to yourself or others. It’s a collection of 500 short quotes, scriptures, and suggestions for those leaving home for the first time. Topics cover everything from practical housekeeping, automotive maintenance, and career advice, to romance and spiritual living.


If consumers in the target market read Adult-o-Nomics, they will:

·                Discover practical tips for becoming independent.

·                Handle setbacks and trials with know-how, confidence and courage.

·                Understand societal norms for more effective life skills.

·                Learn how to walk closer to God.


Because the book will:

·                Inspire readers to step out and take risks.  

·                Encourage young adults to mature and grow a thick skin.

·                Produce a growing dependence on God rather than others.

·                Offer peace in the midst of turmoil and stress.


Book Excerpt

Tip #22

Keeping an open mind all the time means others can easily throw trash into it.


Tip #23

Where does your mind go when you’re idle? Whatever you are passionate about is what you’ll always talk or think about. How often do you talk about God?


Tip #24

Never argue with a police officer. They risk their lives to keep you safe; respect them, be polite, and comply. File complaints later, if necessary.


Tip #25

Sex outside of marriage includes much more than intercourse. Living close to the edge is a compromise in the name of technicalities. God commands us to save our bodies for our spouses alone.


Tip #26

Plan your future. Never let the river of life carry you wherever it goes. You’ll drown in the waters of disappointment.


Tip #27

Ask your parents about their jobs, hobbies, and spiritual lives. You may think you know all about them; you don’t.


Tip #28

Running your TV or radio all night does not help you sleep. The voices, music, and commercials pull you out of deep, restorative REM cycles, leaving you exhausted when you wake. Try a sound machine or white noise.

Tip #29

Overconfidence comes as a result of insecurities; it’s a mask to hide fears.


Tip #30

Ask God for wisdom. Some decisions made now will impact the rest of your life.


Tip #31

“When you and the Bible disagree, who wins?” — Michael Petillo, pastor



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About the Author


Whether he’s working as a missionary journalist, coaching aspiring writers, or writing devotions, Tez’s passion for walking with God is evident. His book, The Single Dad Detour won Book of the Decade with Serious Writer Academy and recently, featured him in “50 Authors You Should Know.”


As a multiple award-winning author, filmmaker, and international speaker, Brooks was recently named one of the Top Writing Coaches by the Coach Foundation. His work appears in Guideposts, Power for Living, The Upper Room,, Clubhouse, Focus on the Family, and more. Tez is a member of Colorado Authors League and president for two chapters of Word Weavers Intl. He and his wife serve as full-time missionaries based out of Colorado Springs. They have four children. You can learn more at

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