Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Celebrate Lit Presents: The Marine’s Deadly Reunion Epic Book Launch



About the Book

Book Title: The Marine’s Deadly Reunion

Author Name: Loretta Eidson

Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Release Date: December 26, 2023

When Sergeant Daria Gordon saves US Marine Jake Fisher and his baby niece from an attacker, she instantly puts a target on her own back. Someone murdered Jake’s sister, and now they want Jake and Daria dead. To survive, Jake and Daria must discover this ruthless killer’s identity. But can they uncover the truth and keep the baby safe . . . before the killer finds them?


Book Excerpt

“I’ll make that determination. You’re the one I saw with a gun. Don’t make any sudden moves.” She adjusted her stance. “Back up.” She eased forward and secured his weapon.

“That guy tried to take my baby. I had to protect her.” He let out a huff. “I’m Jake Fisher. Want my ID?”

“Yes. Take it slow. Why would someone want to take your baby?” A slight lean, to glance inside the vehicle, confirmed a baby was inside. A little girl about eighteen months old stared at her with tear-streaked cheeks and a red nose that proved she’d been crying. The icy December wind didn’t help matters. “Hello, little one.” Daria smiled.

Poor baby. She must be freezing.

The child’s eyebrows lowered. “No.” Her lips pooched out.

She clutched a small rubber bunny in one hand and slapped the air toward Daria. Most children didn’t like strangers getting too close, and her apprehension of Daria was a natural response.

“It was probably someone who works for whoever forced my sister’s car off the road and killed her and my brother-in-law. You should go after them right now.”

Daria reported the parking lot incident on the radio clipped to her shoulder.



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About the Author



Award-winning author Loretta Eidson loves writing inspirational romantic suspense. Her first novel, Pursued in the Wilderness, published by Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense, won the 2023 Romance Novel of the Year award in AWSA’s (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) Golden Scroll Awards and was a finalist in the 2023 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Director’s Choice Award in General Fiction.

She believes in the power of prayer and enjoys challenging her characters to trust God in all things. Loretta is an AWSA Certified Coach for aspiring writers, and she lives in North Mississippi, close to her family.


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