Monday, July 11, 2022

Legend Of The Gold Pyramid by Jeremy Biesecker


When impossible discoveries are made, the results are anything but certain.

While fleeing for his life, missionary Peter Sharp tumbles into a cave, where he discovers something that can’t be real- a pyramid made of gold. Before he can get out, to his utter shock, he finds himself back home as if nothing ever happened. Was it real, or was it a dream? It’s a mystery that Peter and his friends cannot solve. After hearing a nearly extinct legend of an ancient tribe that spent hundreds of years collecting gold, they decide that such an artifact might just be real. But if such a pyramid does exist, and word gets out, it could lead to the most violent gold rush in human history ⚠. Join Peter and his friends in the jungles of Brazil where they face savage natives, dangerous criminals and unexpected turns in their attempt to solve the legend of the gold pyramid.



About The Author


Jeremy Biesecker is a Christian Illusionist, which is a ministry he has been involved with since 1997- After writing newsletters for his ministry for a number of years, he eventually began writing books as well. 



My Review

This quick read, you won't be able to put it down, met my every expectation and beyond.
This is a read that keeps giving right up until the last page is turned. This is the second book in this series, but the author does an amazing job of bring you up to date, but you might want to pick up the first, it is also very good!
A read that gives you a bit of everything, and full of action. What starts out as maybe a dream, ends up being a reality, or maybe a nightmare? These characters live their faith, even when one individual puts their lives in danger, they offer forgiveness!
This is a wonderful faith based read, and we are transported from the States to the jungles in Brazil! We meet college friends, and journey with them as they go to find a newly found treasure.

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