Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Steadfast Mercy (Amish Mercies #3) by Ruth Reid

She’d told herself she’d never go back home. But that was before the accident—before life changed forever.
After the tragic death of her parents, Jonica Muller must return to the Amish community she left in shame. Tasked with settling her father’s estate, she plans to keep her visit as brief as possible so she can return to start a life with Ephraim, a widower who has offered her and her five-year-old son the stability of a family.
But Jonica’s childhood home in Posen, Michigan, won’t let her go so quickly. Her father’s sister, Aenti Edna, is showing signs of a slipping mind. To Jonica’s alarm, Edna’s begun entertaining a mysterious redheaded Englischer who has unclear intentions toward the aging woman and the Mullers’ property.
Caleb is a young farmer working Edna’s land, trying to hide his own secret shame from his family and his girlfriend, Darleen. But when Jonica asks him to come to Edna’s aid, she unwittingly sets events in motion that change everyone’s ability to live in the shadows of their lives.
Steadfast Mercy is a tender love story at the intersection of heartbreak, forgiveness, and grace.


About The Author

I grew up in Northern Michigan an introverted child who observed more than participated. I was the type of kid who if a sign read wet paint, I had to touch it to see if it was wet.
I spent many school hours daydreaming, mostly about horses. Coaxed by my teacher to submit a short story to the Young Authors Writing Contest, I wrote, A Dream to Remember, about a girl who daydreamed about wild horses. That contest opened my eyes to daydream with a purpose. After that, my endless imagination was limited only by how fast I could write, and sometimes I stayed up late at night writing by flashlight to finish a story.
Although the desire to write had been planted years ago, it lay dormant while I gained life experiences. I attended Ferris State University School of Pharmacy, in Big Rapids, Michigan where I met my husband, Dan, who was a native Floridian. We married, moved to a small town in Florida, and had three children. (Lexie, Danny, and Sarah).

My Review

This is the third book in this series, but you won't be lost to read just this one, but the others are so good!
A young Amish woman, having just lost her parents, returns to her previous home after being gone five years, but she is not staying. She is at her Aunts, and her darling aunt is having memory problems and there seems to be a man hanging around that causes our Jonica to question his motives.
Enter an Amish man who is recalling from the unexpected death of his brother, whom he blames himself for, Caleb seems to be a blessing in all their lives.
Jonica has a young, delightful son, whom you will grow to love, and he is the catalyst to some of the questions you will be having.
I wished I could go on in the lives of these individuals, what a great read, and visit!
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Thomas Nelson, and was not required to give a positive review.

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