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The Secret Language of Dogs: Unlocking the Canine Mind for a Happier Pet by Victoria Stilwell

World-renowned trainer and star of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog Victoria Stilwell reveals the secret language of dogs, allowing owners to recognize what their dogs are trying to say, then effectively communicate and change their dogs' behavior for a better-behaved and happier pooch.
Victoria Stilwell is a well-loved and trusted name in America's pet media, winning over audiences with her SuperNanny-like British mannerisms on her Animal Planet show, It's Me or the Dog. In this book, Stilwell uses the latest research on canine language and behavior to reveal what your dog is really thinking--and saying--through its body language, expressions, and actions. Unlike other guides to understanding how dogs think, Stilwell takes it a step further, providing training tips for changing your dog's behavior--as well as tips on communicating back to your dog. Filled with adorable full-color photographs and instructive line drawings, this insightful guide will make you a bona fide "dog whisperer."

About The Author

Victoria Stilwell is a world-renowned dog trainer, best known as the star of the international hit TV series, It's Me or the Dog (2005), and CBS's Greatest American Dog (2008). Having filmed over 100 episodes of "It's Me or the Dog" since 2005, Stilwell is able to reach audiences in over 50 countries with her philosophy of positive training methods.

Her two best-selling books, "It's Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet" and "Fat Dog Slim: How to Have a Healthy, Happy Pet", have been widely praised, and they detail her core reward-based training philosophy: "There's a Better Way to Train - Positively". Her highly anticipated third book, "Train Your Dog, Positively", will be released in the US in the spring of 2013. A passionate advocate for positive reinforcement dog training methods, Stilwell is the Editor-in-Chief of, which features the world's leading veterinary behaviorists, dog trainers and behavioral scientists on her Positively Expert Blog. She is a vocal opponent of punitive, dominance-based training techniques which often result in "quick fixes" but ultimately cause more long-term harm than good while damaging the owner-dog relationship.

Stilwell is the CEO of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training - the world's premier global network of positive reinforcement dog trainers. In addition to her globally available Positively Podcast series, she also produces several shows in her role as the director of training and behavior for the popular eHow Pets YouTube channel.

Stilwell is committed to helping the cause of animal rescue and rehabilitation and is heavily involved organizations around the world to increase awareness of puppy mills, dogfighting, animal abuse, pet overpopulation, dog bite prevention and other animal-related causes. A co-founder of the national Dog Bite Prevention conference series, Stilwell is also a National Ambassador for the American Humane Association and serves on the Advisory Boards of RedRover, DogTV, and Canine Assistants.

A regular guest on talk shows, news broadcasts and radio programs throughout the US, Europe and Asia, Stilwell was named 2009's Dog Trainer of the Year at the Purina ProPlan Dog awards and was the recipient of the prestigious 2011 Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry Award. Since its premiere in 2005, It's Me or the Dog has been the recipient of multiple honors including 2011 and 2012 Genesis Award Nominations and a 2009 People's Choice Award nomination. Stilwell is a regular columnist for several magazines, and she has been featured in numerous journals, magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, USA Today, Cosmopolitan,, Oprah Magazine, Rachael Ray Everyday,, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, The Daily Mail, and The Sun.

Victoria resides in Atlanta with her husband, Van Zeiler, daughter and two rescue dogs, Sadie and Jasmine.

My Review

This is the perfect book for me, I am a dog person, and yes I have a cat, but dogs are my guys. From first look the cover of the darling pooch drew me in.
This should be mandatory for everyone who owns a dog, almost like an appliance manual, only more for love. We all have those days that our pet is trying to tell me something, only now we have a handbook to turn to. This book is packed with information, and full of enlightenment, and a place to turn for your questions.
Once you start perusing this one, your going to be looking for more and more answers, and of course, your going to be saying, “I knew that”, or “I didn’t know that”. So much facts packed into a handy sized paper book, full of beautiful pictures, and thoughts for unlocking the canine mind. If anything, I found I have a lot of misinformation, and now I know why things didn’t work.
I received this book through Blogging For Books, and was not required to give a positive review.


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