Monday, June 4, 2012

Kregel Blog Tour: Son of The Underground by Isaac Liu

Son of the Underground is a beautiful story of struggle, hope, and the ability of faith to overcome obstacles. Not only is it the story of the coming to faith of a Chinese boy, one whose life was already made more difficult by the role that faith had played in his early life, but it exposes the struggles of an entire nation of believers who have made the dangerous commitment to a life of Christ.

Written by Isaac with Albrecht Kaul, this story tells the tale of Isaac’s path and struggles with his decision to follow in his father’s footsteps. After a miracle birth, he was mostly raised by his grandmother while his father sat in prison and his mother worked the fields. Young Isaac was exposed to great faith and dedicated Christians throughout his rural Chinese town and surrounding villages. He accompanied his grandmother—or Nai Nai—as she traveled to secret house church meetings, often many miles on dangerous roads, to spread the good news of Jesus. Her telling of Bible stories became legendary in the village square, and Isaac soon knew them all by heart as well. But more than stories, he learned true faith from his family, and saw the power of prayer and the name of Jesus firsthand. After years of persecution, and the knowledge that they could not stay in China, Brother Yun’s family fled to Burma, where Isaac met his friend Ming. Raised as a Buddhist, Ming became the first person Isaac evangelized to—and led him to a life in Christ. It was a life-changing moment for both boys. Eventually, the family followed Brother Yun to Germany. Isaac struggled not only with the new language, but with his awakening desire to become an evangelist and to lead others to Christ as his father does. It was his mother’s most fervent prayer that this would never be the case, but even she understood the power of God in her son’s life, and how powerful his message could be in the lives of others.

To read the first two chapters, go here
My Review:
The life of young Isaac growing up in China is almost unimaginable for someone living in the USA. I have always been free to worship God, anyway I choose. A high price in personal sacrifice is required of any Christian in China.
He grew up with his Dad being away a good share of the time, or in Jail...being treated horribly and tortured for "Loving the Lord". I loved that his family has such deep routes in Christianity. When some days turned their darkest, you see God laying his hands on them with the opening of doors that were surely closed. Isaac is such a refreshing wonderful young man and looking for where God wants him to be, a heartwarming read.
Monarch Books (Kregel Publications), 141 pages. Publisher product page.
To buy this book, please visit your local Christian bookstore.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications for the purpose of this review.

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